Recolors of Amaryll's Yesterday dress

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2018 at 4:12 AM
Updated: 28th Jan 2019 at 2:55 PM - Add accidentally omitted packages
This is for SIMple, who asked for additional recolors of Amaryll's Yesterday dress while I was making this default replacement for afbodydressgothic.

The colors are lilac, periwinkle, seafoam, rose, purple, gray, yellow, and pink. They are available with both the black shoes from Amaryll's dress, and more-or-less matching shoes. Each version is in its own rar file, and will unpack into a separate folder. For the sake of completeness, I put black shoes on the red recolor I made for the default, and included it in the black-shoes rar. The packages are tooltipped, and sorted so that colors appear together, and appear in the listed order, when viewing thumbnails in Body Shop, CAS, and clothing racks' dialogs. These outfits are available to young adult and adult females as Everyday and Formal. Resources are compressed. Amaryll's mesh is included in a separate rar file.

Amaryll's mesh uses the same shoe texturing as FreeTime's AF "uberfamily" dress. Shoes for the lilac, periwinkle, and pink dresses were taken directly from Maxis textures. Shoes for the gray dress were taken from this texture replacement for afbodyuberfamily by Moogle, and slightly darkened by me. The other shoes are Maxis textures, recolored by me.

January 28, 2019: I just realized that I'd accidentally left the packages for the gray dresses out of the original rar files. I've uploaded updated rars, as well as a rar file that just has the gray dresses. Sorry about that, folks!

Custom content in pictures:
Default skins by Leh
Default eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link), also available here at MTS (h/t to Elddie).

Additional Credits:
Amaryll, for the mesh and original outfit.
Maxis, for the original shoe texture.
SIMple, for prompting me to make this set.

Thanks to all who gave feedback on this.