Tower of Babel - Community!

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2018 at 1:28 AM
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Tower of Babel - Community Version

Hi all!

This lot was built with the online game Forge of Empires' Tower of Babel as inspiration.

This version uses some CC and a lot more Maxis content.

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (Furnished): ~320,000 (Free to visit)

8 floors in total, in concentric circles, larger at the bottom and smaller on top, a lot of decoration all over the exterior and interior which makes it look like it has some standing. Your richest and most eccentric sims will totally love it!

Only the 4 bottom levels are usable, the upper parts are empty, no flooring, they would be difficult to play anyway. The lot is entirely furnished and decorated, look at the pictures below and in the bin for more information.

Ground Level : This is the entrance. Your sims can shop a little, chat and have coffee here. Of course, we also have restrooms.
Second Floor : Small, intimate concert halls only for a select few. Wonderful evenings!
Third Floor : Sit in a well-lit corner and have tea while quietly reading your favourite tomes!
Fourth Floor : The tiny restaurant, only 10 seats, you don't bring the entire family here, unless your family is THE family. Only the feared and the highly respected come here. Vast selection of wines from all corners of the sim world. On sundays, you can have your tarots read discreetly by our old Clairvoyant. You can add a radio if you prefer, my sims like it quiet.

Just put it in a corner of your map and use it as some sort of visitable neighborhood decoration. You can also unfurnish parts, change the furniture for broken stuff, break various parts on the outside and make it a ruin where your vampires and other bad guys can gather. Knock yourself out.

The Tower of Babel is a really high building. If you visit it during thunderstorms, things might not go very well, but it is its destiny. According to legend, the Tower of Babel got destroyed by the anger of the gods because it was built by pretentious, rich men who thought they could touch the sky. No sim is allowed to view themselves the equals of the gods! This tower was raised to let proud, rich sims visit its pretentious rooms kept away from the rest of the crowds. If you think they deserve the punishment, leave the Tower as it is, and visit it during storms on purpose! If not, simply add a lightning rod at the top.




Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price (furnished): ~320,000 (Free to visit)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to niol for his tricks on how to add more levels to a lot. You can play the lot normally, but I needed these tricks when I made it!
Thanks to joandsarah77 for their amazing explanation on How to clean a lot of sim references. This lot has been cleaned following their method!