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Ultimate Fashionista Career **UPDATED - ADDED MODELING TRACK!**

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2018 at 9:13 PM
Updated: 19th Jan 2019 at 4:39 AM

*** Tested with Get Famous (not required) and Game Version - December 20, 2018 Update (definitely required) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!

Also just as an FYI (because I thought it was a bug and was about to completely embarrass myself on Neia's forum)
as of the last patch, EA removed the "ideal mood" for rabbit hole careers.
Here is more info on that: https://sims4.crinrict.com/en/2018/...-mood-for-work/
Oh... You knew that already... Soooo... It was just me? Okay then.... Carry on.

Do you love fashion. I mean LIVE for fashion? This career was created with you in mind. There are several layers to explore with a fashion career. It’s a lot more than just having good style, and it poses several opportunities as a career. I mean EVERYONE talks about designers and stylists, but the fashion machine needs a lot of different parts to run. I wanted to explore just a few of the viable careers in the fashion industry and I'm sure your Sim Fashionista would like to as well.

Pay levels are based on EA. As I researched, actual pay for most fashion careers really isn't all that amazing and a Sims gotta eat, right? FYI, the start of the career is lightly based on the Devil Wears Parada which is basically one of my favorite movies of all time. Oh! Lastly, I shared this with a friend and he wanted to know if I was going to make a "fashionisto" (or some such) version for the guys. Nope!
Turns out Fashionista is a gender neutral word. Who knew? I didn't, but it sure is convenient... for me I mean. Google it. The origin of the word is pretty interesting. LOL

So... with that out of the way, presenting...

The Ultimate Fashionista Career

So, you're thinking about a career in fashion? It's not all beautiful clothes and glamorous parties. If you want it, you better be prepared to work hard, be smart and adaptable. You’ll need to keep up with rapidly changing trends and a demanding audience that is spoiled for choice. But, there is no chance of getting bored in the world of style. If you’ve always been passionate about design, find textiles tempting or love experimented with bold trends, you’re likely cut out for a fashion career!

Want Career Details? Click the Spoiler!

Career cheat is tested and working!
testingcheats on
And then:
careers.promote career_Adult_UltimateFashionista

I did not in ANY way base this on any other career.
It's 100% my own creation and a LOT of work went into it. So...

Thank you so much in advance if you decide to try Ultimate Fashionista. I hope you enjoy living your most fashionable Sim life!

Additional Credits:
Neia's Create-A-Career Beta Tool - http://www.simneia.fr/home.html
S4PE - https://github.com/s4ptacle/Sims4Tools
Python - https://www.python.org/

Icon credits:
Main Career Icon - Sunglasses by Flomar @ i2Clipart: http://www.i2clipart.com/clipart-su...es-128x128-0cfb
Buyer Icon - Shopping Bag Icon @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/shopping-bag-icon-379895
Designer Icon - Fashion icon @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/fashion-icon-285571
Journalist Icon - Computer @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/computer-m...ter-icon-507344
Merchandiser Icon - Mannequin by Babasse @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/clothes-ma...ing-icon-101923
Photographer Icon - Photography @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/photography-icon-285575
Stylist Icon - Shirt & Tie @ iconninja: http://www.iconninja.com/clothing-r...ress-icon-91703
Modeling - Runway Icon by jhkkjh @ PNGTREE: https://pngtree.com/freepng/stage_1421622.html