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Ultra Employer - Potential Employee Overhaul

31,910 Downloads 215 Thanks  Thanks 96 Favourited 54,933 Views
Uploaded: 6th Sep 2018 at 10:40 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2018 at 8:23 AM - Update for 1.47.51 or later required
Get To Work, Dine Out and Cats and Dogs Pack Required

NOTE: Tested and Still working with the latest version. No update required.

This will override your Potential Employee Picker. This will alter the list and show the highest rated employees you can choose.

This mod is not part or taken out from PolarBearSims's mod "Hire Who Ever". PolarBearSims removes the ideal skill level to show only 1 or 2 high level employee in the filter it's random while this mod modifies the ideal level instead of removing it.

Changes and Addons
- Ideal Level is changed to 10 instead of 1.
- Played Households are added in the list.
- Household Members are added in the list. (optional)
- Teens are now allowed to be hired for giving them some part-time jobs, maybe? (optional)

XML used and will conflict with mods who also modify this
6E0DDA9F-00000003-000000000001AABE - Retail
6E0DDA9F-00000003-000000000001B542 - Retail_Repurpose
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F7A - Chef
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F7B - Chef_Repurpose
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F7F - Waiter
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F80 - Waiter_Repurpose
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F8E - Host
6E0DDA9F-0000000A-0000000000021F8F - Host_Repurpose
6E0DDA9F-00000019-000000000002928E - Vet
6E0DDA9F-00000019-000000000002B83B - Vet_Repurpose
6E0DDA9F-00000000-0000000000012405 - Age_Filter

1. Choose one version at a time.
2. Unzip the downloaded file.
3. Copy the .package to your mod folder.
4. Run the game.

List of Versions
1. Original Mod - Without Household Members and Teenagers in the list.
2. With Family Only - Household Members are added in the list.
3. With Teens Only - Teenagers are added in the list.
4. With Family and Teens - Household Members and Teenagers are added in the list.

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