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Default replacement - Uni "urban primitive" outfits for young adult males + bonus

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2018 at 12:10 AM
This is a default replacement for ymbodyurbpri , which is an outfit from University. It uses textures from this set from With Love From Simtown. The replacement is split into two packages, one for the two outfits that have shirts, and one for the single shirtless outfit. You can use either or both, as you choose. The mesh is included in the rar file as a separate package. Resources are compressed.

While the Maxis originals are only available for young adult males, the replacement outfits are available to both young adult and adult males. While Nightlife included an adult-only version of the University outfits, these replacement outfits do not affect those adult-only outfits, and can be used with defaults that replace the adult-only outfits. The replacement packages can be used with any default that replaces the University version of the "mbodyurbpri" outfits, as long as they load after the other default.

Simcat used different textures from the same set to make a default that only replaces the Nightlife version of the "mbodyurbpri" outfits. Since my University default and her Nightlife default complement one another, I've included a "mod the mod" package that makes her Nightlife replacements available to young adult males. Note that this needs to be placed in the Downloads folder-tree so that it loads after Simcat's default. The replacement outfits that Simcat and I used use a single mesh group, while the Maxis "mbodyurbpri" outfits use two mesh groups. While this package does not, strictly speaking require Simcat's default, it is only compatible with defaults for the Nightlife "mbodyurbpri" outfits that use a single mesh group, and Simcat's is the only one I'm aware of.

Custom content in pictures:
Default skins by Leh.
Default eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link), also available here at MTS (h/t to Elddie).

Additional Credits:
natbsim75 , for indirectly prompting me to take another look at the "urbpri" outfits.
Lifa/With Love From Simtown, for the replacement outfits, and Simcat, for pointing me to them.