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No More House Fires

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2018 at 8:30 PM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2022 at 7:12 AM - Description Only - 02Nov2022
Update Info

02 Nov 2022. OK With V1.93.129. No Update needed
04 Oct 2021. Updated to V1.80.69. Spa Day Refresh
18 Jun 2019. Updated for V1.52. Island Living pre-patch.
13 Nov 2018. Updated for V1.47(PC) - Get Famous Pre-Release Game Patch.


This tuning Mod prevents the random fires that occur due to in-game activities. Intentional (safe) fires are unaffected. Residential Lots, Granite Falls Rental Lots and the Selvadorada Rental Lots etc are all made safe from damaging house fires. Read the list and the changed files list for more info.


Many normal sim activities can cause a damaging fire to happen that can kill sims and burn down the Lot. Simple everyday activities like using incense burners or sitting round a campfire can result in fires that badly disrupt gameplay. Even having kids using the science table can cause fires. For some, the excitement and risk of a damaging fire is a fine addition to the game. I don't like this aspect of the game.

Using this mod will totally prevent the random housefires from occurring. You can even light fireworks inside the house without causing a fire; they will explode and blacken your sim but there will be no housefire.

Now you can do all the normal sort of stuff without the risk of a fire breaking out. Have a nice cosy fire in the fireplace without upgrading it, use incense burners to your hearts content, stop worrying about the tumble drier catching fire etc etc. Best of all, you can have a family get together round a camp fire near your rented tent without being disrupted by the furniture catching fire.

Fires are prevented on:
  • Residential Lots of all Worlds
  • Rental Lots of the Granite Falls Destination World
  • Rental Lots of the Selvadorada Destination World
  • Scientist Lab
  • Rentable Jungle Venue
  • Penthouse
  • Rentable University Housing
  • Residential Tinyhome
  • Residential Haunted House


The Mod is compatible with game version V1.46.

This is a list of xml files altered by the mod. Any other mod that alters the xml file will conflict with this mod.

No DLC packs are required but, obviously, if you don't have Outdoor Retreat or Jungle Adventure then you won't get the worlds through this mod. The mod will still work though.


Special thanks to the modder Coolspear who found this method for preventing house fires a long time ago. Coolspear has used the technique is some of his mods.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio