Redesigned with Grandpa's Style - Select Item Recolours

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Hello Everyone!

Redesigned with Grandpa's Style - Select Item Recolours for #themeElders

All from Base Game

When I think of furniture in a grandfatherly style, I think of Frasier's father's chair, from the TV Show "Frasier."

No, the exact style is not used, but it gives you the idea upon which I based the design for the items in this upload.

I see patches, old ratty materials, plaids, and the guessed it...duct tape!

Here are 4 different Base Game item recolours for your Elder Sims to enjoy, decorated in my version of Grandpa's Style.

The sofa has 2 base frame colours, gray and brown, with 12 colours of cushions. The arms of the sofa have been worn
out, so instead of patching or sewing the tears, dear old Grandpa used duct tape to hold the edges of the material together!

He did the same with with the rips his trusty best friend, Spot, caused on the arms of the living chair, which comes in 15 colours.
The chair, that is, not the duct tape. It also has a few patches for which Grandpa ran out of duct tape. Shocking, I know.

The panel curtain comes with a gray and a brown curtain rod, each with 12 colours of panels in a lovely plaid pattern
that reminds Grandpa of the old country.

And the painting. The painting is of Grandpa and his late wife. He gazes on her beautiful face every morning when he
wakes up, and every evening before bed. And every minute in between. You'll find it comes with 7 frames colours, directly taken
from the game's original painting.

I gave the sofa and living chair a comfort boost for 2 reasons. One, elderly sims deserve more comfort. And two, Grandpa's got
them broken in so well, they feel like home to his old bones.


Redesigned with Grandpa's Style
Sofa: Buy Mode/by Function/Comfort/Sofas or by Room/Living Room/Sofas, Cost 730, Comfort 7
Living Chair: Buy Mode/by Function/Comfort/Living Chairs or by Room/Living Room/Living Chairs, Cost 160, Comfort 7
Panel Curtain: Buy Mode/by Function/Decorative/Curtains or by Room/Living Room/Curtains, Cost 85
Portrait: Buy Mode/by Function/Decorative/Posters and Paintings or by Room/Living Room/Posters and Paintings, Cost 495, Environment 2

You can download the FULL SET in one zip file, or each item separately

Please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC

Shut Your Mouth-Duct Tape Brushes by brushchick at Brusheezy

Ripped Jeans Brushes by Obsidian Dawn hosted on Deviant Art

Plaid Pattern from DesignEasy

Inspiration Image from - Image courtesy of NBC

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