Five retirement homes - no CC with low foundations

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2018 at 11:25 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2018 at 4:46 PM
Start your retirement hood or area with these 5 residential lots for elders.

Elders have worked hard, made some money, may even have bought that big mansion - but now they are on their own again. So a small house with plenty to keep them busy is the perfect answer.

Low foundations done with the Grid Adjuster so that these elders, who are still healthy and able to look after themselves, don't have a lot of stairs to climb.

NOTE : These houses are not suitable for large dogs - if you want large dogs to use it, you will have to replace the stairs with the second set here made by HugeLunatic:

The houses are fully furnished, two of them have fruit trees, one of these two has garden plots as well; all of them have hobby items and landscaping and one of them has a pool as well. The other three is good for lock up and go if your elders want to go on vacation.

They each are suitable for single elders as well as couples with comfy bedrooms.

Prices: House 1 - 98072
House 2 - 78003
House 3 - 94651
House 4 - 72384
House 5 - 76568

Please scroll through the images to see all the necessary pics.


Thank you for the tools I used: The Lot Adjuster, The Grid Adjuster, the compressor for cleaning the lots by Chris Hatch and the monthly theme.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 78003 - 76568

Additional Credits:
EA, Maxis for the game
Dewall top texture replacement by Maranatah :
wall texture replacement by Maranatah :
roof trim defaults by Honeywell :
ceiling default replacement by Honeywell:
floor tile edge replacement (the white wood) by Fairy Forest :
I also have Numenor's deck stairs in my game:
The Lot Adjuster -
The Grid Adjuster -
@ChrisHatch for the compressor