The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso

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Greasemonkey98 Presents
**Black Market Bargains**
Issue No. 3

The latest copyrighted masterpiece infringed on for Black Market Bargains comes straight to you from an overly industrious artist in Kuwait City. Knowing the difficulty that may come with mounting something from Picasso's blue period, I have sourced two solid wood frames in your choice of dark or light wood. They are high-quality, yet inexpensive frames to keep costs low, but they do come from completely unsustainable forests. My forger has created several copies of "The Old Guitarist" from Picasso's famous blue period for your enjoyment.

Description from in-game
Painted in 1903 after Picasso's close friend Carlos Casagemas comitted suicide, "The Old Guitarist" is one of the most well known of his famous "blue period" and certainly his most haunting image from the period. Typical of that period, Picasso utilized a monochromatic blue palette, flattened forms, distorted proportions with only the brown guitar body as a splash of color. The painting is considered to be reminiscent of Edvard Munch and the Symbolist movement with it's psychological theme of misery and alienation. Picasso portrayed the old, blind guitarist with a timeless expression of suffering and isolation. Being poor himself, Picasso knew the plight of the poor and societal outcasts, and shows sympathy to those less fortunate with this painting. The elongated, angular proportions of the old musician relate to Picasso's interest in Spanish art history and a great artist of the Spanish Renaissance known as El Greco.

Oil on panel
122.9 cm x 82.6 cm
Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

This is a recolor of a base-game painting and, as such, is base game compatible and is low-poly. The painting has been distorted somewhat as it is very difficult to locate a painting in the catalog with the exact dimensions necessary to keep the proportions identical.
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  • Cost - 11,670
  • Environment Score 9

All of my works are exclusive to MTS. Please do not claim as you own or upload anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio - - for allowing recolors like this in the first place

Wikipedia - - Providing the high-quality image, for me to steal!

Art Institute of Chicago - - Background info and hosting the original masterpiece