No autonomous put Baby/Toddler in crib.

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2018 at 1:49 PM

Tired of Sims put the baby in crib, when he is still not sleepy? This mod solves it, disabling the autonomous action. It affects babies and Toddlers.

There are 3 flavors:

1- Do not autonomous put baby in crib, when the baby is on the floor.
2 - Do not autonomous put baby in crib, when a sim carrying Baby.
3- Combine the 2 flavors in a single package.

Note: If you use the option to no autonomous put a baby in the crib, when a sim is carrying Baby, it will happen that for example, if a baby is given a bottle, they will put the baby on the floor, since they do not have the autonomy to put it in the crib, if you are holding it.
I recommend using flavor 1, that only when they are on the floor, do not put it in the crib autonomous.

Sorry for my English, I help with google translator

Tested in version 1.67

This mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies the following packages:

PutCarriedChildInCrib_CribBase 0xF303670C25803853
PutChildInCrib_Sim 0x08B7BD1F3B519339

Additional Credits: S3PE And ModTheSim for tutorials created XML, ITun Mods.