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Daylight Ring Mod

65,885 Downloads 605 Thanks  Thanks 199 Favourited 100,152 Views
Uploaded: 7th Oct 2018 at 3:00 PM
Updated: 1st Dec 2018 at 12:42 AM - Overhaul/Update
UPDATE: This mod has been completely overhauled, please delete old version and re-download.

Updated for game version:

What does this mod do?

This mod adds a ring box in the form of a coffin to the game that when activated and worn makes your vampire sim protected from the harmful effects of the sunlight. It also adds the option to remove the ring causing the protected effect to stop. Additionally, you are able to pick up the ring box and carry it in your sims inventory without actually equipping it to the sim, as well as to put the box back into the world and leave it there for aesthetic purposes.

***Disclaimer: This item does not appear as a physical ring on your sims character model while wearing it or otherwise.

How does it work?

Simply buy the Coffin jewelry box, under Decorations-Misc. and place it on your lot. Once placed, click the ring box with the desired Sim and choose the interaction to "Put on Daylight Ring." The Sim will place the ring box in their inventory and will receive the custom buff shown below:

Your Sim is now protected from the sunlight. The ring box will remain in your Sim's inventory until it is removed with the interaction "Take off Daylight Ring," which will remove the buff shown above. The Sim will then place the ring box down near them.

Important Information
  • UPDATE: It now works for vampire sims who have died by sunlight.
  • UPDATE: Two separate versions were added, one that makes the constant Protected buff give +1 Happy, and one that makes it give +1 Energized. ONLY DOWNLOAD ONE VERSION..


-The Coffin jewelry box glitches slightly when a Sim picks it up or puts it down. Part of the box becomes slightly transparent during these interactions.

-If you have the Coffin Jewelry box in your active sim's inventory when you travel to another lot (away from home), the Jewelry box may duplicate. Don't panic, it should fix itself once you bring that sim back home.

Extra resources

-Here is a link to one of the original files for the Coffin jewelry box with ring (because the original creator's link to it is deactivated): http://leo-sims.tumblr.com/search/jewelry

-I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who plays with multiple mods, this is a wonderful tool that allows you to easily check for any conflicts between your mods: http://modthesims.info/d/561550


This mod doesn't override any files and should not conflict with any other mods,


The Vampires game pack is required for this mod.


All credit goes to Soloriya for her amazing custom content item, the Coffin jewelry box with a ring. I can't thank her enough for giving me permission to use it in this mod, here is the link to her profile on The Sims Resource, as well as her Tumblr: