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City Nest Townhouses

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2018 at 7:40 AM
These apartments were the ones I built for round 1 of Gummilutt's 'Apartment Mania ' contest. It contains three townhouse apartments.

For a full tour, you can watch this walkthrough video

I have included a residential version for those who would like to make any architectural changes before converting to an apartment lot ('changeLotZoning apartmentbase'), otherwise the 'apartment' version is ready to go as playable apartments Both are clean copies of the original before it was play tested. Please note that in some of the pictures, the chairs are scooted in and I did that manually with the move_objects on and quarterTilePlacement on cheats to make the pictures look nice for the contest presentation - however they are put back into regular position for the files ready for download.

Required CC NOT included

Talja's 3t2 Roman Window set @ PearlSims (free account site)

In order for the TORROX WINDOW CUT OUTS to work in game, you MUST have the master 'Moune_Torrox_Recolors_TwoStoreyWindow.rar' cc from here as the cut outs are slaved to it.

Supplemental CC

Additional set of window cut outs and accessories by Moune999

Recolors of Inge's half landing stairs (Darkwood is included in the package)

For gardening ease, I highly recommend accessible shrub trimming mod by cyjon and water inaccessible flowers by dickhurt

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 311,771

Custom Content Included:
- Half Landing Stairs by Inge Jones @ Simlogical
- Half Landing Stairs - Dark Wood Recolor by wthrwthoutyu @ MTS
- Edwardian Egg & Dart Finial by beosboxboy @ TSR
- Torrox Wall Cutout - Single Window by moune999 @ MTS
- Torrox Wall Cutout - Double Window by moune999 @ MTS
- Metro Window - Small upper by Tiggy027 @ MTS
- One Tile Grid Window - Black Recolor by Triciamanly @ MTS (contained within her lot)
- One Tile Grid Window by Triciamanly @ MTS (contained within her lot)
- Craftsman 2Tile Door by tbudgett @ MTS

Additional Credits:
Talja @ SimPearls for converting the Roman Window Set, MarcusSims91 at TSR for the original meshes for the Roman Windows Set. Cyjon and dickhurt for their gardening mods. Mootilda for her clean package installer. Google, for helping me find all the CC links. Gummilutt for the prompt in her contest.