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Pet Pregnancy Motive Decay Fix

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2018 at 9:40 PM
Brief Overview

If you've played The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs for a while, you may have noticed that pregnancy seems to have no effect on a pet's motives. (more noticeable if you use the playable pets mod) For a while, I just assumed this was intentional, until I looked at the XML's for pet pregnancy while working on Dog Pregnancy Overhaul .

Apparently, the XML's do contain data pertaining to motive penalties, as well as for a pregnant walkstyle, but they mistakenly point to the human versions of these motives, and as a result, this data has no effect.

So, I've corrected this mistake and redirected this data to the dog and cat versions of these motives as needed and assigned a pet walkstyle for the pregnant walkstyle (they won't develop a waddle like humans, but they will stop trotting and running, making them appear less energetic).

Detailed Description
In human sim pregnancies, the hunger and bladder motives decay between one-and-a-half times to twice as fast as usual, depending on the trimester. This is dictated by XMLs containing decay modifiers, which are tied to the pregnancy moodlets, much like how certain traits and moodlets can affect the decay of motives. Decay modifiers consist of a number and the ID of the motive that it affects.

Dog and cat pregnancies have near-exact duplicates of these XMLs associated with them, including the decay modifiers, which is where the problem occurs. The game actually considers human, dog, and cat motives to be completely separate things, with their own IDs (ie. human hunger has a different ID than dog hunger, which has a different ID than cat hunger). The pregnancy XMLs, however, do not account for this, and instruct their decay modifiers to affect the human motives. That's what this mod takes care of; it changes the IDs of the decay modifiers found in the pet pregnancy XMLs from the human motive IDs to the dog and cat motive IDs as appropriate, so that these decay modifiers now actually work.

Similarly, once human sims reach the second trimester, they lose the ability to run, gaining a sort of waddle, which is also dictated by the pregnancy XMLs. This is also included in the pet pregnancy XMLs but was never changed to a pet-valid locomotion. This mod corrects that too, though the pets will not develop a special locomotion, just lose the ability to run.

Extract this file into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods directory and make sure mods are enabled in-game. Also, if using Dog Pregnancy Overhaul, make sure that that mod loads first (ordinarily it will, I named this file to account for this).


This mod will conflict with any mods containing the resources"buff_pregnant_(name of trimester)_PetCat" and "buff_pregnant_(name of trimester)_PetDog, though anyone who needs to can forward these fixes into their own mod without repercussion, just make sure your mod loads before this one. Dog Pregnancy Overhaul is fully compatible and can be used in conjunction with this, so long as the former loads first, which it should since its file's name comes before this file's in the alphabet.