Oh My, Granny! Underwear Set by Lyralei - Recolours

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2018 at 1:36 AM
Hello Everyone!

Oh My, Granny! TS2/3 Conversion Underwear Set by Lyralei - Recolours

How could I resist? There was no way! She had me at Oh My Honestly the set is adorable and
I'm glad Lyralei converted and mashed up all those pieces.

In the lovely Oh My, Granny! TS2/3 conversion underwear set by Lyralei
there are 2 colours of each item, beige and black.
I wanted to add some variety for our lovely grannies out there, so I came up with these recolours.

As this is a custom mesh recolour, you will need to download and install Lyralei's meshes available HERE.

There are 16 light colours, and 16 dark colours of each item from each set. They all match colours in each set, you
can mix and match styles and they will go together quite nicely.
Granny will NOT run out of choices for a long time! Even if you change Granny's underwear every day (and you know
she'd be telling you to!) there's over 3 months worth of colours and styles!

You'll find them in Tops/Bras and Bottoms/Underwear in CAS in the Sleepwear category. They
are Elder appropriate, but are available for Females Teen through Elder.

Possible Glitch: I found that one of my underwear sets in the preview thumbnail in CAS didn't show.
If this also happens to you, don't worry! They are there and they will show on your Sim. Just click on the thumbnail
as per usual and the colours will then show as swatches.

Enjoy making your Grannies even more beautiful than they already are

Here's a lovely set of poses of adult females in Granny's gear

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC

Pose Player by Andrew - required for poses
Pose Pack by Ms Blue at TSR

One more time:
Oh My, Granny! TS2/3 Conversion Underwear Set by Lyralei