The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Greasemonkey98 Presents
**Black Market Bargains**
Issue No. 4

After spending nearly a month evading arrest warrants in 3 countries I have successfully located another morally dubious yet extremely talented artist willing to provide art to the proletariat.

For this creation, from the Impressionist school, I have gone with the standard gold painted frame that my clients have come to know and love. My artist considers this to be the finest work she has ever produced. Without further ado, I present issue 4 of Black Market Bargains.

Description from in-game
Few paintings illustrate the obsessive pursuit of perfection by its author more than "The Umbrellas." The painting gives every indication of being two separate works on one canvas but with a carefully constructed composition. The right side of the painting prominently displays the bright colors and soft brushstrokes of Impressionism while the left shows muted colors and clear outlines. The umbrellas form a pattern of angles and shapes in blues and greys across the top while the little girl's hoop and the young woman's hatbox in the foreground provide some pleasing curves across the bottom as balance. X-ray inspection of the canvas shows Renoir altered the left side significantly while leaving the right side of the painting virtually untouched. The history of the work provides some additional challenge with experts approximating between 1881-1886 as indicated by X-ray and content inspection. It is uncertain why Renoir decided to leave this work in such an ambiguous state. What is clear, however, is that all of the peculiarities in this piece appear to be deliberate stylistic choices by Renoir. This painting will likely keep art experts and art enthusiasts busy for several more years.

Oil on canvas
180.3 cm x 114.9 cm
National Gallery, London, England
Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

This is a recolor of a base-game painting and, as such, is base game compatible and is low-poly. The painting has been distorted somewhat as it is very difficult to locate a painting in the catalog with the exact dimensions necessary to keep the proportions identical.
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  • Sub-Category - Decorations >> Paintings & Posters
  • Cost - 6495
  • Environment Score 8

All of my works are exclusive to MTS. Please do not claim as you own or upload anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio - - for allowing recolors like this in the first place

Wikipedia - - for providing a high-quality image for me to steal

The National Gallery - - Background info and hosting the original masterpiece