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Patchy The Scarecrow Behaviour (Updated Patch)

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2018 at 4:52 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2019 at 12:59 AM
This mod needs to be updated to fix the blank text issue in the string tables for Patch.

Mod Last Update: 04/17/2019

Update History


This mod adds some options that I wanted to perfome with Patchy since I started playing with him. They are in 4 sections, they don't need each other to work, they can work by themselves. They are the following ones:

A Lillte More Actions

This adds some extra actions to Patchy as cook by himself for you, more autonomy on cleaning and repair when something is broken.

This adds the option “Ask To Leave” to tell to Patchy that it is time to go.

There are a list of packages that you need to choose according to your preference:

  • Clean and Repair
  • Clean and Laundry
  • Cook and Repair
  • Cook and Laundry
  • Cook, Repair and Clean
  • Cook, Repair, Clean and Laundry
  • Only Clean
  • Only Cook
  • Only Repair
  • Only Laundry
  • Normal
  • And more to choose

Clean: Patchy now perfoms with more diligence clean stuff like wash the dishes, pick up the trash, mop the floor, etc.
Rapair: If Patchy sees something broken in your lot, he immediately repairs it.
Cook: Patchy will cook for you by himself like buttlers do.
Laundry: Patchy will collect your laundry.

Note that the “Normal” package only has “Ask To Leave” option. The rest have "Ask To Leave” option and the actions that is intended to.

The "Cook" version ones need Vintage Glamour Stuff to work, so if you don't have it, you can just download the other versions. You can choose only one package.

Call Forth

This adds an option to “Call Forth” Patchy, so with this you can call over to Patchy whenever you want. This complements very well with “Ask to Leave”.

Duration Time

This manages the duration time (hour) that you want Patchy to stay in alive state. There are a list of packages that you need to choose according to your preference:

  • 06am-01pm (7hr)
  • 06am-08pm (14hr)
  • 08am-08pm (12hr)
  • 09am-04pm (7hr)
  • 09am-11pm (14hr)
  • 12pm-12am (12hr)

Remember that Patchy leaves depending on his activities plus the hour, so it can happen that he delays on it. But this is a general "map" of his time. So "Ask to Leave" it will be very helpful.

You can choose only one package.

Unlocked Features

There are actions locked to Patchy to perform, so it has unlocked to accomplish some storylines or gameplays. They are the following ones:

Ask to Move:You can have Patchy as member of your household with cheats, but this is the one that appears in sims to perform such action without them.

Ghost State Unlocked: When I was playing with Patchy and he died, he didn’t perform the “ghost” behaviour, so I realized that it was locked. Now with this mod he can perform them in ghost state.

Wedding and Dates: I noticed that it was not possible to perform a date with Patchy because he leaves the lot due to he doesn’t have the role and he was locked; so with this, he can play his role so he never leaves it . Now you can have a date with him with no issues.

And it was not possible to perform a wedding with him for similar reasons, so it has unlocked that feature and now we can have a very happy wedding.

Known Issues

This mod helps to have a little more options with Pacthy but it has two things you need to know:

  • When you marry to Patchy and if you move him to your household, it can happen that the game genarates another Patchy since he is a NPC supposed to be when you have his object (tree) and a good relantionship so his situation could run.
  • "Ask to Live" interaction is a general NPC leave lot, so it can happen that Patchy leaves the lot like a general NPC, but he will come back to his object, don't worry. And this is the reason I recommend of having only one Patchy object (tree) to avoid doubles Patchy.


This mod can coflict with any other mod that changes the same tuning files listed below:

Additional Credits: