Tùrion Lassion - Palace of the Leaves

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2018 at 1:48 PM
Updated: 26th Sep 2019 at 1:40 PM
Some Background LORE...

It was a small community of Wood Elves who first ventured into the deepest part of the woods where they found a small glade crossed by many little streams.
Under a full moon night the Elven King piled up the last stone and the wooden palace was eventually completed.
Those beautiful streams then turned into a small swamp after a great siege had occured long time ago, resulting in the destruction of the outer walls, the death of the royal, sacred winged horse and the spilling of elven and orcish blood which cursed the area for many years to come.
Nowadays the palace is still gazed with amazement by any guests who have the honour of being invited for a meal in the warm great hall, but alas, of the old, glorious past with its leaning wooden towers and the gold-white defensive walls remains nothing but songs and tales.

Will the newer residents bring this jewel in the forest again to its rightful splendour?

Hi all! This is my first upload on here, so I hope you'll enjoy this lot as much as I did while building it!
Even though I've been building on TS3 for years, this is my first attempt to create something "elvish/fantasy" and to share it with the community!
You can use it for playing, storytelling or any other respectable way you wish; if you credited me, I'd be pleased. But seriously, use it as you desire.

One little (geek) note: the name Túrion Lassion is not completely out of context. They're 2 actual Quenya words, one of the many elvish languages invented by almighty Tolkien for his fictional world.
Túrion means Palace while Lassion means of leaves, so -> Palace of (the) Leaves.
It's my personal, small credit to its powerful creations;

Stuff and Custom Content

Known Issues

I've tested the lot for a while and there should be no problems in placing it in your worlds, because it is a 64x64 flat one.

The Alchemist Terrace is easily reachable by the sims, so are the Wooden Tower and the Hydromassage.

One little problem is with the great Main Hall, if you wish to have many sims sitting at once on all the chairs.
Make sure to make them sit in the central ones first, because otherwise if there are some others already sitting at the edges of the 2 parallel tables, they'll block the way to the inner ones ;(
I'm sorry, but that disposition of the tables was the only way to put as many usable chairs for meals as possible.

Astronomy / Watchtower

The ONLY possible issue, which I haven't been able to fix yet, is with the Astronomy / Watchtower. I placed the 2 Eyes of Horus that come with World Adventure; the right one on the elven bridge, the left one on the tower (or viceversa).
When playing by the bridge, my Sim was teleported constantly on the Alchemist Terrace for some unknown reason... On the other hand, when playing from the Tower it worked correctly.
In the end, when I tried to fix them, my Sim was eventually teleported to another, completely different lot on which I forgot that I had already placed the same two pair of eyes!
My guess is that the game gets confused as to where to teleport the sims if in the world there is more than one pair of Eyes of Horus!
I couldn't remove those other 2 eyes for different reasons, thereby if someone wants to try my lot on an "eyeless" World and then communicate here what happens, please I'd be thankful!
In the meantime or eventuality that it doesn't work, just Zenport / use Mods / Shift+Click with cheats on the Watchtower (or just demolish it right away and move the Telescope, just like I was about to do originally, out of rage ů.ů).

The infamous Watchtower

I think that's all.


Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 386.043
Lot Price (unfurnished): 199.058

Additional Credits:
Lyotta on deviantart for his beautiful frame border - https://www.deviantart.com/lyotta