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Windkeeper's Cottage Country retextured and recolored

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2018 at 3:54 PM
Hello everyone =) this is my first upload here at MTS!

I bring you 12 retextures of Windkeeper's Cottage Country set. There are twelve packages in the file: 6 eco recolors and 6 jewel recolors, you can check the previews of each color in the pictures posted. None of them have been edited, they're all pictures taken in game and I've only added borders and text.

Remember to download Windkeeper's meshes here , I've kept the original name of the master file (aka the only file you need for these retextures to work) plus _RECOLOR_name because I find it easier to organize things in my downloads folder, feel free to change it if you want. You can see how my recolors affect all the meshes in the previews (a double arch, two single arches, two single doors, one double door, three 1-tile windows and two 2-tile windows).

Credits: Simpe, Windkeeper, Texturise for the wood texture, and Aelia for the colors. Also, I'm using slig's glass defaults. Other stuff you can see in the previews are Curiousb lush terrain replacement and the sky is an object by Lowedeus.

I hope you like it ♥