Business Signs - Simlish and Wall Art Styles

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Uploaded: 11th Nov 2018 at 8:07 AM
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Okay, I got this done a few weeks back but I like creating more than posting. Sorry for the delay. These are basically like my original Business signs but in Simlish and in Wall Art Design. They all lite up and are base game comparable. They are found in the Buy-Deco_Wall Sculpture Category and are all the same price of $450.

Simlish Signs

Club X in Simlish
This come in Multi-color and Black and white stripped.

Fangtasia in Simlish
This comes in four colors - Red, Green, Purple, and Grey

Cutie Cake In SImlish
This Cute sign comes in pastel colors - Pink, Orange, Green, and Blue

I Scream for Ice Cream In Simlish
All Signs come with a cute Ice Cream Cone and comes in Pink, Green, Purple, and Blue

Glitter in Simlish
This one came back even better than the original. I had a texture that looks like sparkles. They come in Pink, Yellow, Teal, and Purple

Ruby's Diner & Drive-in in Simlish
This diner sign come in Red, Green, and Blue

Xanadu Spa $ Wellness Center in Simlish
This come in earth tones in Brown, Green, Blue, and Rose

Wet! and Wild in SImlish

Come in Three different Blue to Green Combos

Wall Art

Gym Sign Comes in Yellow, Blue, and Red

Pet Sign Comes in Earth tones Brown, Green, Blue, and Rose

Coffee Sign Comes in Pink, Green, and Yellow with multi-colored Saucers

Hookah Sign Comes in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink

Music Notes Signs Comes in Red, Green, Blue, and Grey

Cupcake Signs come with Glitter Frosting and a cute heart topper. They come in three different multi-colored Cakes

Ice Cream Cone Sign Comes in Strawberry, Blueberry, Mint, Purple Berry all topped with a rounded 3-D Cherry

Like Before The Poly will vary depending on the complexity of the mesh. They all work fine with my computer, you know what your computer can handle so pick and choose if needed. I created all the textures on either, Adobe Acrobat, or AutoCAD Inventor. ( I found an AutoCAD folder with a lot of textures and meshes I made in college). The meshes were made in Tinker CAD, AutoCAD Inventor and Blender. What I converted from 2D pictures, I also edited them to fit my needs. The only Items that I used from the Net were 2D silhouette Pictures where I converted them to 3D through Selva 3D.

Base 2D pictures are from KissPng and DepositPhotos Websites

Cat Silhouette Sticker Dog Clip art - Beige Color By -
Taza de caf de la Taza de Clip art - Caf by -
Cupcake Muffin, Roti brownies Coklat kue Coklat by - kue cokelat -
Line Angle - line -
Ice Cream Cones Cupcake Sundae - Cupcake Silhouette by -
Shisha silhouettes by Yyanng and -

The rest of the Base 2D Images, I created in either Acrobat Photoshop or I created all the Textures used. Textures were created in, Acrobat Photoshop, or AutoCAD Inventor.

Simlish Font is from Franzilla Sims at I'm sorry I cannot remember which ones I used, specifically sense I downloaded so many. Take a look Great site.

Polygon Counts:
Club X In Simlish - 1242/1208/1174
Cutie Cake In SImlish - 3668/3574/3480
Fangtasia in Simlish - 2936/2860/2786
I Scream for Ice Cream In Simlish - 4816/4692/4568
Glitter in Simlish - 1336/1300/1266
Ruby's Diner & Drive-in in Simlish - 2474/2408/2342
]Xanadu Spa $ Wellness Center - 3654/3560/3466
Wet! and Wild in Simlish - 3680/3586/3540

Gym Sign - 420/408/398
Pet Sign - 916/892/868
Coffee Sign - 1108/1078/1050
Cupcake Sign - 980/954/928
Hookah Sign - 1265/1201/1138
Ice Cream Cone Sign - 1758/1700/1644
Music Sign - 2332/2274/2218

Additional Credits:
AutoCAD Inventor, TinkerCAD, Blender,, Adobe Photoshop, Sims4Studios, and 2D to 3D Converter -