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Girl's Holiday Dresses

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2018 at 5:25 AM
These are dresses I made with the holidays in mind for little girls. There are a few pastels, plus a few dark velvety holiday colors, all categorized as formal only. They are made on a maxis mesh from the Celebrations stuff pack. Therefore, the Celebrations pack is required.

There are ones with red, blue, and green velvety skirts with white tops embellished with gold roses. There are pink and gold semi sheer ones with the same gold rose tops. There is also a peach version and a turquoise and gold version that have roses on the bottom and bows instead. There are two versions of the peach one, as I couldn't make up my mind whether to have gold shoes, or peach ones. The names are descriptive, with ps standing for peach shoes, and gs standing for gold shoes on the peach rose gold ones. They are all in their own folder. There are pictures of each style in fat morph as well. There is some minor stretching that occurs when they walk with the roses pattern on the bottom. This is just due to the way the mesh is made.

The roses pattern and the velvet are all made by me.