Fame Perks for free

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Uploaded 21st Nov 2018 at 8:21 PM · Updated 16th Jun 2022 at 11:18 PM by claudiasharon : patch 1.89

Update 06/16/2022: Updated for patch 1.89.
Update 12/06/2021: Updated for patch 1.82.
Update 06/04/2020: Updated for patch 1.63 and Eco Living.

Want some variety for the Fame Perks? You can now have that! I made a mod that makes the Fame Perks free, cost is 0. I also made two other mods, one where the cost is 2 and one where the cost is 4, for those looking for a challenge. Default cost in a vanilla game is 1.

Example of free Fame Perks at cost 0:

So you can buy as many perks or as little as you want! Yay!

Note: you do need Get Famous for this mod to work! Works with patch 1.47.

Only download one of the mods! They will conflict with each other.

This is a simple XML mod and it will conflict with any other mods that edit these instances under spoiler.

No mods conflict with mine as far as I know, but I will update conflicts as they are made.