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Faster/Slower/No Fame Decay

82,197 Downloads 911 Thanks  Thanks 322 Favourited 98,340 Views
Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2018 at 12:27 AM
Updated: 20th Jul 2023 at 1:06 AM - compatibility for patch 1.99
Update 07/19/2023: Compatible with patch 1.99.
Update 06/16/2022: Compatible with patches 1.82-1.89.
Update 12/12/2021: Updated for patch 1.82.
Update 06/04/2020: Updated for patch 1.63 and Eco Living.
Update 09/16/2019: This mod is still working with patch 1.55 and realm of magic, along with previous patches as well.
Update 11/23/2018: Updated the No Fame Decay mod to work properly. You may still get the notification about their fame going down, but it actually doesn't.

Hi everyone! Here are some new mods for you all. I worked hard on these and did a lot of testing, and success, they work! There are four mods total!

claudiasharon_NoFameDecay->Fame never decays and Sims can stay at their current level or progress up but their level will never go down.
claudiasharon_SlowerFameDecay_50%->Fame decays slower by 50% than default.
claudiasharon_FasterFameDecay_x2->Fame decays 2 times faster than default.
claudiasharon_FasterFameDecay_x4->Fame decays 4 times faster than default.

Get Famous is required! Made with patch 1.47!

Values for each mod package are under the "spoiler" if you're interested.

Only choose one mod! They will conflict with one another. As far as I know, there isn't any mod that conflicts with these ones yet. I'll update when there are any conflicts.
Under this spoiler is the instance that was used to create these mods.

Hope you enjoy! <3