Arboreal Flooring (+ some gate recolors)

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2018 at 4:19 AM

A few years back I finally discovered the joy of playing for badges and skills (don't know why I ignored this for so long), and I built a lot of basement gardens for my city-dwelling Sims who had no yards. Naturally, I used the Arboreal Ascendancy steps to get down to the gardens. I wanted wood floors, but there were no matching green ones available (that I could find) and I had no clue how to make my own. So it's been on my to-do list for quite a while. Now it's checked off.

There's some matching gate recolors here, as well; because, it's hard to stop once you get going.

I wanted to make some columns and a new gate mesh that better fit the style of the Arboreal Fence, but that was not a good idea. Why? Because the amazing HugeLunatic has already done it better than I could hope to. Find them here. She also included a pretty nifty remake of the Arboreal Fence that you should check out

Technical info:.

All the textures are from the original EAxis floors and gates. My only contribution here is recoloring them in GIMP and making new packages.

In-game location:
Floors - Build Tools>Flooring>Wood
Gates - Build Tools>Miscellaneous>Gates

In-game Price:
Slimming Oak Parquet - 6
Limber Timber - 6
KwikGro - 6
Smitty's Distressed Floorboards - 3
Smitty's Distressed Parquet - 6
Natural Pine - 4
Aged Gothic - 6
Dusty Mountain - 4

Additional Credits:
Tashiketh for the MTS site
Quaxi and the others that contributed to the SimPE program
Numenor and RGiles for the CEP that makes recoloring accessible and easy(er)