910 Medina Studios LOFT - 1DBL+1BR [NO CC]

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2018 at 5:48 PM
Updated: 21st Dec 2018 at 7:34 PM - LOFT project info added

Just another flat from my LOFT series for Medina Studios. Now it`s the cheapest one. This studio-planned flat is for one sim or two childfree engaged sims.

Rusty walls and used carpeting (just to support speciality. Dine Out and Vampires required)
Double bed
Guest room with tv and playstation
Cooking zone with decorative thorny vines
Easel and training machine near the entrance
WC and shower with electric panel and waterpipe that are usually broke up
Laundry zone with a little present*
Micehouse, smelling carpets, roaches. All to buzy your apartment lifetime

*I have a little present (I have this one usually on all my lots I share here). It`s for those, who is reading this text and my price for your attention. Now it`s at the laundry with some thing making technics not to broke up fast.
P.S. - There is not on the screens here. So, don`t even search it

NO CC USED So feel free to use yours one.

Installing is default. Lot will be at "career rooms or misc." section in your gallery. And make sure you turned the "bb.moveobjects" on before you place the lot.
I baked files today so go search it by date if you have already your gallery filled.
Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Size: 9x9
Lot Price (furnished): 25.647
Lot Price (unfurnished): 500