*SNOWY ESCAPE UPDATE* More Slots + TV SLOTS!!! for all EA Hallway Tables

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2018 at 3:46 AM
Updated: 14th Nov 2020 at 9:12 PM
14/11/2020 UPDATE : Updated to include every missing table up to SNOWY ESCAPE!

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Hello all!
I'm very excited to present you my latest mod.

Some backstory
So for the longest time, I've been annoyed with the hallway tables EA has given us. Sure they look great, but they offer no purpose at all, since no TV's or even stereos can be placed on them so I decided to fix them myself!
My plan was to make them for my own personal use, but my friend suggested me to upload them, since there might be some people that will find this useful. So...that's that!

Enough blabbering...

So what does this mod do exactly?

This mod adds additional decorative slots + a TV slot on each and every one of EA's hallway tables.
More specifically:

  • I added a couple more small and medium slots for a bit more flexibility when placing objects.
  • I added brand new large slots so you can have even more decor options while decorating. (On large slots you can also put small TV's and Stereos!)
  • I added a 2nd row of slots on certain hallway tables (such as the Bold Statements Console Table that came with the Base Game)
  • I added brand new TV slots on all the tables so you can put Big HD TV's in your living rooms.
  • I also fixed some misplaced slots on certain tables (such as the T.I.M.B.E.R Buffet that came with the Seasons EP)

On the following image, you can see 3 different items categorized as small-medium-large and where they can be put on the table with the mod installed.

Because some items are quite big you might need to enable the Moveobjects cheat in order to place items right next to each other!

There are multiple flavors for those that don't have the required packs. Pick the MERGED flavor ONLY if you have all the specified packs! If you don't, pick and choose the ones you have and download them seperately.

So yeah, this took me about a day to make, not really sure why a whole team of devs can't do it but hey, it's here now so whatever.

The mod has been built and tested on game version

!!!This mod overrides AND will conflict with any mod using the following resources!!!

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