Custom Career: Bratva (ENG/GER/CHI)

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2018 at 4:31 PM
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----CREATED AND TESTED ON DEC 18th 2018----
->This is a rabbit hole career that doesn't have chance cards or daily tasks. Tested with Basegame + City Living (not required).

Love money? Don't mind crime? It's time to join the Russian mafia. It offers a variety of fields - you can be part of the strike force, become authority, or even take care of the finances. Working for the bratva is never boring.

->Available in three languages: English, German, Chinese!
I made this career because some of my characters are part of the mafia in their story, and a quick (sloppy) search didn't turn up any existing mods. This is not based on any other career mod out there. It's not insanely complex, and the pay is probably obscenely high compared to the "standard", but there's other custom careers that are more balanced if that's your thing. While being a fully functional career, the intention behind making this was mostly RP purposes.
Teens, YA, and adults can take this career, and you start out without vacation days - you'll only start earning them on higher levels. This is intentional. You don't just take a day off from crime!

There is a common branch (Bratva) with two levels. Your Sim starts out as a low-tier member of the bratva and with some Charisma and Handiness can work their way up to the second level and afterwards choose one of the four branches. These branches also have two levels each.
Bratva (Charisma & Handiness) - This is where you start.
Splits up into four branches:
Strike Force (Charisma & Fitness) - These guys do the dirty work - if someone needs to be "taken care of" or if conflicts arise, you'll be there.
Crime (Charisma & Handiness) - Beating people up isn't really your thing, and you're not boss material either. Numbers are kind of confusing as well. You'll just keep doing what you do!
Authority (Charisma & Logic) - Others may be happy with stealing cars and mugging people in back alleys, but you've got more elaborate plans. You want to rise up in the ranks and be the one who tells the other members what to do.
Revenue (Logic & Writing) - Numbers are your thing and you're reasonably smart but prefer to keep in the background - your new job is to take care of the finances of your Bratva.

I like charts, so I made a chart:

This is a part-time career! Your sims won't ever work more than 20 hours per week, no matter which level or branch. Lots of time for other activities.

To instantly level up in your career, press CTRL+SHIFT+C on your keyboard. When the console opens, type in:
testingcheats on
Press Enter. Then, type in:
careers.promote career_Adult_Bratva
Press Enter again. Your Sim should now have been promoted!

Additional Credits:
Cover image: Kassel95 -
Neia's Create-A-Career Tool -
S4PE -
Python -
Chinese Translation: dannywangjo -
Special Thanks - My friend Atlas who knows way too much about these things