Remote Control Toy - Thing from The Addams Family

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2018 at 5:44 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2018 at 6:36 AM - controller warning
This is a toy I've always wanted. Now at least my Simmies can have one.

Please note that this object REQUIRES Pets or later. I don't want to be responsible for crashing your game. I am working on a BaseGame version, but it still makes children float when they play with it...

Edit: I forgot to mention that both files in the download need to go in your Downloads folder in order for this to work.

Also, NixNivis brought it to my attention that I forgot to stress a warning about using an NPC Controller. Please, especially if you don't do it often, be sure to back up your hood and download shinies before installing this object. I don't believe anything bad will happen, but there is always a good chance of something unexpected when dealing with NPCs.

Had a little trouble getting this one completed. Been looking for the tutorial by shaklin for ages; with no luck. Finally got tired of searching, and said 'WTF- maybe I can figure it out myself.' Had a working toy a bit later, but it would override the original in the catalog. Finally discovered a post from Echo that had a working link to the tute, and found out I needed to make a controller NPC to get it to work right. So now I'm able to share. Hope you get some giggles out of it.

Mother approved

Kids like it too

Pets, not so much

Known issues:

As noted above, I don't have a fully working basegame version yet.
It bugs me a bit that the toy really doesn't do much but zoom around. Once the BG problem is fixed, I'll work on getting some animation overlay so his fingers can wiggle while running.
Only one recolorable subset.


Texture is Eaxis statue texture, recolored in GIMP 2.8.2
Mesh by me, adapted from EAxis statue "What you lookin at", using Blender to articulate the fingers and slightly remap the UV

Technical Info:

Catalog location: Buy Mode>Electronics>Entertainment

In-game price: 151

Polygon Counts:
Toy: 140
Controller: N/A

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Tashiketh for this site and its great community
to Quaxi and his team for SimPE program
to Numenor and RGiles for the CEP that makes recolors possible
to jfade for the Compressorizer

Special thanks to shaklin and Echo, who so graciously shared their knowledge and hard work so others like me could learn to do this.