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Silent Babies & Toddlers

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2018 at 10:57 PM
This was an interesting mod to make. Cororon did wish this mod existed, so I just decided to make it for them

Mod Info

- This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with other versions.
- What type of mod is this? - This is a mod that overrides animations, so it goes in your overrides folder !
- Animations - Most of the animations are new but simple.
- What does it do? - This mod simply makes it so babies and toddlers almost never cry out loud.
- But how do I know if my baby/toddler needs something? - Well, they still do have the speech bubbles, but another way to see if they are crying (silently), is to look at their face, they're tell you if they need something

Do keep in mind babies and toddlers will still make crying noises when held and crying. Babies will still make crying movements, but they won't yell out anymore.

Known Issues

- Babies still seem to make crying noises when they cry on the floor.


Note: This will conflict with my other mod "Replaced Toddler Crying Animations".
This mod will also conflict with any other mod that overrides these CLIP files:

- b2o_crib_cry_loop1_y 0x00000000 0x99178850511A5E93
- b2o_crib_cry_loop2_y 0x00000000 0x990D485051119DDC
- b2o_crib_cry_start_y 0x00000000 0xAA998732F35A140C
- b2o_crib_cry_stop_y 0x00000000 0xE1FA026D2EB367F0
- b2o_crib_cry_loop1_y 0x00000000 0x969AD8F3E94B7AA8
- b2o_crib_cry_loop2_y 0x00000000 0x96A498F3E95362EF
- p_motDistress_cry_sittingLoop_x 0x00000000 0xED03B25BF5417815
- p_motDistress_cry_sittingStart_x 0x00000000 0xDC2573AB15A84087
- p_motDistress_cry_sittingStop_x 0x00000000 0x927FCE943AEE2EE7
- p2o_crib_cry_loop1_y 0x00000000 0x9A178850511A5E93
- p2o_crib_cry_loop2_crib 0x00000000 0x8F5D8A7215B06109
- p2o_crib_cry_loop2_y 0x00000000 0x9A0D485051119DDC
- p2o_highChair_idle3_cry_y 0x00000000 0xB0423EF8C00DAA28
- p2o_highChair_idle4_cry_y 0x00000000 0xEE98F846127C2E2B


-Please do not re-upload my mod to paysites or claim it as your own!
-Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
- Blender.
- Cororon for the idea.
- S3pe.
- S3oc.