Selvadorada Toilet Doors

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2019 at 9:34 PM
Updated: 25th Sep 2022 at 4:57 PM - Curved wall compatability
Shortly after visiting Selvadorada for the first time I was disappointed to see that there were no toilet doors that fit with the build style that came with the pack so I decided to make these to use, mostly, on the Cantina Lot.

I have taken the Hand Carved Heavy Wooden Door that came with Jungle Adventures and recoloured it in both male and female versions. The doors behave like other gendered doors so that only Sims of the same gender trait can enter them.
(Please, don't get offended that I have made gender specific doors in this day and age. They are a part of how I play the game and I felt others may like to use them. If these are not to your taste then please, politely, move along.)

They come in 14 colour options that match the original and also include the same fix I applied to the original door.

They cost 52 simoleons each and can be found within the shortest door sort of the Build section. They also feature customised catalogue descriptions.

The doors only function from the side with the sign on. Meaning a Sim of any gender can "leave" through them but they cannot "enter". This seems to be normal behaviour for existing EA toilet doors as well.
If playing on lower graphics settings, the toilet signs will vanish from the door at large distances. This is due to the way the low level of detail works for doors.

25-09-22 Updated for placement on curved walls without the need for cheats.

Updated for the Star Wars September 2020 patch.
Please download the "V2" zip file and let the files override the old ones. I'm leaving the original files up for any legacy players who may like to use them.

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