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The Selvadoradese Owl Career

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2019 at 4:19 AM

*** Created and tested with Get Famous (not required) and Game Version - December 20, 2018 Update (November patch definitely required) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!

Also, just as an FYI (because I thought it was a bug and was about to completely embarrass myself on Neia's forum)
as of the last patch, EA removed the "ideal mood" for rabbit hole careers.
Here is more info on that: https://sims4.crinrict.com/en/2018/...-mood-for-work/
Oh... You knew that already... Soooo... It was just me? Okay then.... Carry on.

This one has been rolling around in my head for a while. It's based on the Maltese Falcon. Sam Spade, Brigid O'Shaughnessy, Casper Gutman...oooohhh it's a gritty, hardboiled film noir classic. If you like mysteries or old movies, I highly recommend it. Both the movie and the book are amazing. I got stuck on the idea of making it into a career and here we are.

You can play through the story as the detective, the femme fatale, the villain, his minion or his gunsel flunky. I set up a Sim for each character and had a great time making them act out the story (as much as the game would let me anyway ). Each level of the career is a chapter of the story and you can read it by hovering over the career icon on the career tab. Finally, hours and wages are based on EA careers. All of the skills on this one are base game.

So.. slap on your fedora and pop the collar on your trench coat. It's time to solve the mystery of...

The Selvadoradese Owl

In 1539, the shaman craftsmen of Selvadorada paid tribute to Charles V of Spain by sending him a sapphire owl encrusted with jewels from golden beak to precious metal pedestal. But pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless idol and the fate of the sapphire Owl remains a mystery to this day. Choose wisely Simmer. Hard-boiled detective, femme fatale, sniveling sidekick, bungling gunsel or vile villain… all paths have their merits, but only one will solve the mystery of… The Selvadoradese Owl.

Want to know how the story ends? Click the Spoiler!

Career cheat is tested and working!
testingcheats on
And then:
careers.promote career_Adult_TheSelvadoradeseOwl

This is pretty different and 100% my own creation (well except that its based on Dashiell Hammett's classic novel and John Houstons equally classic screenplay) but, trust, a LOT of work went into it. 😉 So...

Thank you so much in advance if you decide to solve the mystery of The Selvadoradese Owl. I hope your Sim enjoys living ALL their detective noir dreams.

Additional Credits:
Neia's Create-A-Career Beta Tool - http://www.simneia.fr/home.html
S4PE - https://github.com/s4ptacle/Sims4Tools
Python - https://www.python.org/
Sims in pics by Lonnykins: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/di...sims-to-date/p1 (about mid-page)
Dashiell Hammet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_M..._Falcon_(novel)
John Houston: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033870/

Icon from iconninja:
(I'm NOT crazy about these, but MAN is it HARD to find the icons for something like this)
Main - Owl: http://www.iconninja.com/owl-icon-547420
Stan Spade: http://www.iconninja.com/user-enfor...ctive-icon-3369
Bridget O'Pancakes: http://www.iconninja.com/woman-icon-433671
Joel Giza: http://www.iconninja.com/hat-spy-cy...cover-icon-3364
Wilber Snook: http://www.iconninja.com/user-crimi...minal-icon-3365
Casper Gutson: http://www.iconninja.com/executive-...nager-icon-3367