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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2019 at 5:34 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2020 at 11:03 PM - Added missing shelves!
14/11/2020 UPDATE : Updated to include every shelf up to SNOWY ESCAPE!
NOTE: The Island Living shelves, also have a big TV slot, to create your entertainment units!

If you have any problems while unpacking, be sure to try out both Winrar/7-zip/File Viewer + updating to their latest versions

No, you are not dreaming. You can now use shelves the way they're supposed to be used....you know...BY PUTTING ITEMS ON THEM!!
Items other than these 2 books, that everyone uses everywhere. (You know exactly what books I'm talking about )

So what does this mod do exactly?
This mod adds additional decorative slots on each and every one of EA's shelves.
More specifically:

  • I added a couple more small slots for a bit more flexibility when placing objects.
  • I added brand new medium slots so you can have even more decor options while decorating.
  • I added brand new large slots on certain shelves that were big enough. (On large slots you can also put small TV's and Stereos!)
  • I also fixed some misplaced slots on certain shelves (such as the The Leash Wrangler that came with the Cats & Dogs EP)

Here is an example, of some shelves with stereos and TV's on them:


In order to place medium and large items on the shelves you will NEED to activate THE BB.MOVEOBJECTS ON cheat!!!
I'm not sure why that happens (probably because of some random collision issue) If I find a fix for that I'll be sure to update the mod.

There are multiple flavors for those that don't have the required packs. Pick the MERGED flavor ONLY if you have all the specified packs!
If you don't, pick and choose the ones you have and download them seperately.

The mod has been built and tested on game version

!!!This mod overrides AND will conflict with any mod using the following resources!!!

Additional Credits: