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Recolours of Mootilda/Phaenoh's "Mooving sign"

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2019 at 8:33 AM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 4:57 AM
I'm going to be honest. I'd initially grabbed this thing because it was the only sale sign in Simlish that I could find. I have multi-house lots for uni students, and when one moves out, a nice little bit of decor was needed. The fact that it functions as the best version of the Stay Things Shrub (or whatever you call it) is a welcome bonus, and soon, I began to love this thing for more than its looks.

But there was one issue. I wanted it to say "For rent" instead of "For sale" to better apply to my university situation, and so I loaded it up in SimPE in the hopes that it was recolourable...and it is.

So I went about recolouring it in my standard ten woods, which was incredibly simple thanks to the way the mesh was laid out, and I Googled other types of for sale signs to try to add some other variety. I was reminded of a few simple ones and tried to copy the average of them rather than any particular one--the black one with tall, skinny red letters, a one with a picture of a house, and one with a real estate agent's information on it. (That one took the longest, as I made an estate agent and everything using Maxis content. Gotta practice those graphic design skills somehow!)

I began to joke to my friend about how I had the gamut from fancy realtor all the way down to "this cost me $0.50 at at the hardware store", and it occurred to me to make one in an even cheaper financial situation, straight up sharpie on cardboard, and away I went.


The text on the real estate agent logo reads "Moo Phae Real Estate", after the creators of the original item, along with the name of the Sim (Clare Dachaigh) who is a slap-dash five-minute selfsim of another name, and a number with a non-existent area code, with the numbers given a bit of a Simlish treatment. For the most part, I left the original "For Sale" text that was on the original, except for the cardboard version and the For Rent version. I didn't want to muck up their greatness You can mix and match, woods and signs are independent subsets. You can find it in Buy > Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous for §15

Additional Credits:
Shutterstock (Real Estate sign inspiration)
FilterForge for the woods and cardboard
Simply There, Let Lazy Dogs Lie, Sporty Buff (I think), and Cherry Vanilla fonts by the ever-amazing Franzilla