EDIT: La Croix Teardrop Stone Earrings

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2019 at 12:32 AM
Updated: 12th Feb 2019 at 6:51 AM - Apparently the mesh site got archived overnight
I don't know about the townified versions, but apparently you can take out the accessorized versions and put the binned ones (the "BV Jewelry" zip) in the downloads and they show up fine. So I've uploaded that now. They require Bon Voyage, while the accessories version does not.

Inspired by unpolished-but-glazed turquoise earrings, I set about adding the latest item to my La Croix collection. After resizing my pictures and adding a light sandstone texture to them, I think they came out rather nice. The mesh is a very versatile one from LianaSims (called “adE” and is pretty much universal on the earrings page) that is not included, and the teardrop metal part comes from some earrings on Amazon.

I tried to upload a BV binned set, but for whatever reason, they weren't showing up in the catalogue whenever I binned them using Wardrobe Wrangler, so I have no idea what's going on there, since I've binned nearly every earring I've ever downloaded without any kind of issue. If I ever figure it out, I'll upload it, though, rest assured. <-- done. In the meantime, there are two sets that you can download: plain accessories, and a townified version (meaning any Sims the game generates after that point, including ageing, have a chance to be wearing them). They’re with the glasses.

They work for teen through elder, too, so your Sims will never have to grow out of them. Only female, though, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by dharden
It might be useful to note that the mesh's filename uses "Earrings03Adult", rather than "adE". I'd forgotten that, so I tried to download it and was told the zip file already existed.

Thanks to dharden for the tip. I was unaware of that myself, to be honest.

Additional Credits:
Silpada 'Do the Twist' Open Teardrop Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver for the silver hoop itself
The Sim Blender for easy screenshot appearance changes
LianaSims’ amazing alpha-editable earring mesh (direct link)