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Grande - Maxis Match Hair

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2019 at 3:02 AM
GRANDE: A maxis match hair inspired by Ariana Grande's iconic ponytail;
I've been working on this hair for quite a while. I've asked around to my Photoshop teachers for texture advice, learned curves in Maya to create the pony's "tentacles" and so on. I've applied so many new aquired skills to this hair it's actually insane. Anyways, i've been a fan of Ariana for so long and i'm so proud of her, so i decided to create an item inspired to her, and of course i made her hair. I feel like there's a big lack of maxis match actually NEW meshes, all i see is edits of EA's items, so i wanted to bring something fresh to the community.

DETAILS: More details about the hair;
This hair contains:
  • 18 diffuse textures, 1024 x 2048;
  • 1 normal map, 1024 x 1024;
  • 1 shadow map, 1024 x 2048
  • No specular map (sorry guys i couldn't get it to work).
  • Correctly tagged maxis colors;
  • Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder - Female;
  • Human, Vampire, Alien;
  • Long, Wavy;

Polygon Counts:
LOD0: 4532
LOD1: 3357
LOD2: 1729
LOD3: 724

Additional Credits:
Blender: Meshing;
Photoshop: Texturing (and what a journey it was);
Sims4Studio: Package file compositing;
My friend @Jwofles: He helped me a lot, emotionally and physically, with this hair. Love you the most.