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KingdomHearts Eyes.

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2019 at 2:13 AM
Updated: 3rd Feb 2019 at 6:32 PM - typing mistakes.
14 pair of different coloured eyes. This is my first ever made custom and fan made basing on Kingdom hearts.
On pictures I choosed blue eyes from pack for Sora and for Kairi abit more purple ones. Eyelashes, hair, clothes or eyebrowns are not included in the pack.

- Eyes are made on orginal sim 4, should work without expansions.
- Eyes work on both female/male, Eyes added for Baby/Toddler/Teens/Young Adults/Adults/Elder. (added later Baby/Toddler eyes was not before).
- Eye coloured contacts are in face paint category.
- Male side has picture of Sora and female side has picture from eye colours, this make eyes easier to notice.

EDIT 3.2.2019:
- I added also default eyes pack cause request by comments (File name eyekhdefault).
- it does replace sims 4 game eyes
- not know how it works with other default eye packs cause I don't use default eye packs myself. (I use only mask eye packs myself)
- I tested them on my sims 4 game it worked without glitch
- default eye pack replace only 14 colours so not all default eye colours. (Orginal pack has only 14 colours).
- I did not make default eye pack work on alien.
- Default Eye pack does not need expansions to work.
- Added also 1 pair default pet eyes for cat (Sora eyes)/Pet eye default need Pet expansion for game. (DefaultEyePetSora file name)

I wish these eyes come use for someone who is trying find some kingdomhearts customs, happy gaming all!

Hair is not done by me and you can find creator and custom hairs from here:

Kairi clothes also done different person.