Reply to Fan Letters v1.1

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Uploaded: 31st Jan 2019 at 3:15 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2019 at 9:45 PM
Reply to Fan Letters

This mod works with the last patch 1.53.

Mod Last Update: 08/09/2019



When you are famous and get the "Influencer Perk" you will access to the function of this mod. The main purpose is the possibility of replying to the letters of your fans via mail inbox. You will have a new pie menu in the mailbox with the name of "Reply to Fan Letters", in wich there are several options to choose depending on your mood, some traits and careers.

This will increase or decrease fame and reputation depending on your choosing, you will have new mood buffs, your social motive will increase a little, you will gain skills and some other results. Read below to know more about it in detail.

Sometimes will pop up a notification with random texts according to the interaction you selected.

If you want to know how it is, you can see it in the images gallery. They are organized by sequences "start" to "end".


These are the new interactions, I will present them in sections. All of them will increase the motive social a little, but the other parameters can vary.


There are 2 versions:
  • Reply to Fan Letters (Separated): you will download all the interactions separated and you can choose the ones you want, they can work by themselves but it is necessary the Base Mod and Script File. Some of them have the name of the DLCs required; for example "Send Letter And Talk About Your Discoveries" needs Get to Work for alien abduction to work.
  • Reply to Fan Letters (All In One): as the name suggested, all in one package with the Script File.

Obviously, you can choose ONLY one.

This mod is based on Get Famous and Seasons as basis, so they are needed for all. There are only few interactions with extra needed DLCs, and it can be added more in the future to have a variety in the parameters and actions.

Happy Simming!

Miscellaneous Section


Do you want to translate this mod into your language? You can! and send it to me under comments section or via inbox. I will give the appropriate credits.

  • Thanks to Maïa Game for French Translation (Oudated in version 1.1) .
  • Thanks to XILENA for Russian Translation.
  • Spanish Translation by me.

You can update the translation of Oudated ones. I will give the appropriate credits too.


Any mod that modifies these tuning files:

Additional Credits: