Fortuneteller Baba's High School for Witches

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School Offer:
Disappointed with the fact that your high school doesn't have an alchemy club or a broom riding team? The reality is, most high schools are geared towards normal, non-witch, Sims. Fortuneteller Baba's High School for Witches is geared toward, you guessed it, witches. Alchemy, broom riding, spellcasting, if its witch-like, we offer it at our school because Witch teens deserve a real education. Enroll today.

Things You Need:
This was created with version 1.67 so yours would need to match it or be higher.
nraas Careers Mod & Careers School Module
Generations - For After School Activity

Future Updates:
Opportunities - Done (3-22-19)


Work Tones:
Work Hard
Slack Off
Meet New Friends
Hang With Friends
Help Out in School Garden (Increases Gardening)
Join Mock Collection Expeditions (Increases Collecting)
Read Elixir Recipe Book (Increases Alchemy)
Ride Broom Around Field (Increases Broom Riding)
Participate in Spellcasting Battles (Increases Spellcasting)
Fish in School Pond (Increases Fishing)

Work Tone Descriptions:
Help Out in School Garden:
The school garden has a plethora of plants from which you can gain knowledge from. All you have to do is spend some time there.

Join Mock Collection Expeditions:
Mock collection expeditions are organized so that students will get familiar with the types of environments collectibles are most likely to be in.

Read Elixir Recipe Book:
If you want to improve your alchemy skill, reading through an elixir recipe book is way more effective than randomly throwing ingredients together.

Ride Broom Around Field:
Being able to use a broom as a way of transportation doesn't always translate onto the field. Have you ever ridden a broom upside down in opposite yet all directions at once? You can learn by doing practice rides around the field.

Participate in Spellcasting Battles:
Spellcasting battles can turn ugly very quickly. Even though there are qualified staff members present, you and your parents need to sign a form stating that the school isn't responsible for any injuries you may incur.

Fish in School Pond:
The school regularly keeps the school pond stocked with various fish so that students can have an easy way to practice their fishing skill.

Level 1 - Witch in Training
Wages: None

School Days: M - F

As a young Witch in Training, your job is to learn the ins and outs of spellcasting, alchemy, and various other skills that are necessary for your witching success.

-Broom Riding
-Spellcasting (Shows up in game now.)


Gardening For Extra Credit:
Some elixirs require hard to acquire ingredients so being able to grow them is very important for future alchemists! Improve your gardening skill for extra credit.

Alchemy For Extra Credit:
While not all witches go on to become career alchemists, elixirs can provide a variety of benefits. Improve your alchemy skill for extra credit.

Broom Riding For Extra Credit:
Last week, two students go into an accident in the parking lot. The entire school had to sit through a boring seminar on safe broom riding. Teachers are offering extra credit to those who put the information to good use.

Spellcasting For Extra Credit:
Spellcasting is one of the more difficult and dangerous arts witches undertake and its very important that young witches have a good grip on it. Improve your spellcasting skill for extra credit.

Fishing For Extra Credit:
Buying fish ingredients for elixirs may be easy but catching them yourself is cheaper. Improve your fishing skill for extra credit.

After School Activity
  • Name: Witch Training
  • Days: M,Th
  • Ages: Teen
  • Skills:
    • Gardening
    • Collecting
    • Alchemy
    • Broom Riding
    • Spellcasting
    • Fishing
  • Genders: Male & Female

How to Enroll in School & Other Things:
To enroll you'll need to use a computer and choose the Enroll in School interaction. From there you can choose Fortuneteller Baba's High School for Witches. Once enrolled, this will replace your teen's default high school and they'll be going there instead. If you decide to re-enroll in the default high school just use the Enroll in School interaction on the computer again. Grades and school performance may or may not transfer.

You can only have one of the files installed or you'll get an error.

As far as I can tell, this school isn't exclusive to just Witches. Other life states can join as well but it'll probably be more difficult for them to earn good grades.

Error Notification
If anyone gets a message like "You should not be able to see this notification. If you see it, contact the mod creator.". I put that in there intentionally to make it easier to catch mistakes that I may have overlooked in the mod. Its more than likely an issue with an opportunity. If you see it please give me the name of the mod you're using and the opportunity so that I can make a note and fix it.

Additional Credits:
NekoCat - For inspiring me with her own school mod.
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