Mermaid Lifestate 2.0

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2019 at 8:31 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2019 at 12:32 PM
This mod is broken and will likely not be updated in the future. Please check out my Expanded Mermaids mod, which adds more content to EA’s mermaids from Island Living!

Previous Updates:

-Spanish translations added, thanks to Persefone!

-Russian Translations added, as well as the German strings for Mermaid Mythology Volume 1, courtesy of ScorpioSims and ChristianFiondor!

-French, German, and Italian translations added thanks to Nova JY, ScorpioSims, and simsina45!

-Portuguese translations added thanks to Mandinha95_4!

-I also removed the requirement to stargaze before using the moonpool, as I didn't realize it was a pack-specific interaction, so you should be able to use it any time between 8pm-8am. I still want there to be a process for activating the pool and I'll probably figure something out eventually, but this will do for now.


You may remember the mermaid trait I created a while ago. Well finally, I've been able to revamp my original mod and turned it into something MUCH more substantial. I've gotten a lot better at modding since I first released that trait and now I present you with the new and improved version!

Now, I know Nyx created an awesome Mermaid mod a while ago, and I wanted to go in a different direction with mine so each would be unique and offer something different. Both my mod and Nyx's can be used together, but one sim cannot be both lifestates at the same time. This is because they both have unique needs that conflict.

I based a lot of this mod on mythology from many different mermaid stories and tried to make the gameplay as interesting as possible. I fully intend to expand on this mod even more in the future and would like to take feedback for any additions you'd like to see. And hopefully, as EA releases more content, I'll be able to create more for mermaids!


~Mermaid Mythology~

With this new mermaid lifestate comes the Mermaid Mythology skill!. Found in the hobbies section of Buy Mode, there are a few books dedicated to the subject that will teach you all about these creatures and their powers. Learn about what they can do, how they live, and even how to protect yourself from their magic! But the most important thing you will learn about is a mystical, legendary artifact... the Moonpool! Once your sim becomes knowledgeable enough in Mermaid Mythology, they might be able to figure out how to use it...

There are three mythology books available and they can all be found under the "Hobbies" section of Buy Mode. They are retextured clones of the vampire lore books and their poly count is 106.

~The Moonpool~

Legend has it that this mysterious pool holds more than it seems... To most, it looks like an ordinary basin filled with seawater, but if you know exactly how to interact with it, you may be able to unlock it's full potential! Some have claimed to hear the sound of the ocean from it, while others have even experienced life-altering occurrences! Whatever secret this pool holds, it has something to do with the full moon...

This object is cloned from the basegame birdbath object and has a polygon count of 402. It can be found in the outdoor section of Buy Mode under "Sculptures".

~Becoming a Mermaid~

Once your sim has reached level 3 of the Mermaid Mythology skill, he or she will be able to use the Moonpool to it's full potential! It's found in the sculpture section of Buy Mode for 5,000 simoleons and needs to be placed outside in order to work properly. Once your sim is ready to use it, they must go out when the moon is above, then gaze into the reflection of the moonpool to activate it. When the pool is filled with moonlight, they can channel it's energy! A transformation will take place, turning them into a Mermaid!

~Mermaid Abilities~

Vitality Need- Mermaids are aquatic creatures who are renowned to be beautiful and immortal, but in order to stay that way, they must frequently swim in some sort of body of water. Their Vitality need will drain over time and only be replenished if they go for a swim or, alternatively, they can Siphon Water from the moonpool for a quick boost. If a mermaid's Vitality gets too low, they will start to age at a rapid pace until they eventually die of old age! Every use of a mermaid's powers will also drain their Vitality.

*If your mermaid is Very Uncomfortable, they will not be allowed to swim because of the game's mechanics, so I made the "Splash Fins" interaction increase Vitality. This way, your sim won't die simply because they can't use the pool!

The Moon- Mermaids have a very strong connection to the moon, as it influences their powers and effects them in several ways. If a mermaid is outside at night, they have a chance of becoming Moonstruck. This will disorient them and drain their Vitality at a fast rate while preventing them from being able to use their powers. If multiple Moonstruck mermaids get together, they can channel the moon's Lunar Energy and perform special spells!

Mermaid Powers- Mermaids are not just half-human, half-fish creatures that sing. They also have a variety of special abilities! As they use their powers, they will gain more abilities, building their Mermaid Powers skill. Each level has a few abilities that are related to various mermaid myths and legends. Mermaids also have abilities that can only be learned through studying the Mythology books!

Level One

Siphon Water- Every so often, a mermaid can siphon water from the moonpool to boost their Vitality need and unlock a few abilities temporarily.

Play with Water- Mermaids who have recently siphoned water from the pool can perform a few special spells, including juggling water with their bare hands!

Evaporate- Any puddles, big or small, indoors or outdoors, a mermaid can instantly evaporate.

Level Two

Burst Pipes- Do you have a neighbor that just pushes your buttons? Well, a skilled enough mermaid can hop over to her neighbor's house for a visit and break all the plumbing in their house!

Water Blast- After siphoning from the moonpool, mermaids can hit any human with a blast of water that will leave them dripping wet and freezing cold!

Level Three

Absorb Moonlight- Occasionally, mermaids can absorb moonlight from the moonpool if it is already activated.

Level Four

Siren Voice- Mermaids are known for having voices that can hypnotize humans like prey. By singing, a mermaid at this level will emit a spell that will effect all humans who hear it, making them flirty and very receptive to romantic advances. Be sure to maintain the Vitality need, though. If it gets low enough, you could develop Aquatic Laryngitis!

Level Five

Entrancing Spell- Once a mermaid has mastered their siren singing, they can eventually Entrance any human and completely incapacitate them. They can leave them like this, or release them and romance them without fear of rejection.

Level Six

Disperse Storm- With focus, mermaids can clear the sky and expel storms or cloud cover!

Level Seven

Conjure Storm- While your sim is charged with Lunar Energy, they can use the moonpool to conjure a minor rain storm.

Conjure Snow- While charged with Lunar Energy, your sim can use the moonpool to summon a minor snow storm.

Lunar Strike- While charged with Lunar Energy, mermaids can summon a bolt of lightning!

Level Eight

Conjure Thunderstorm- While charged with Lunar Energy, a mermaid can summon a lightning storm!

Conjure Blizzard- While charged with Lunar Energy, your sim can summon a full-on blizzard!

Wind Tunnel- With their power over the elements, mermaids can create a small tornado to trap human sims.

Level Nine

Steal Siren Voice- Mermaids at this level can cast a spell on other mermaids to reverse the effects of their siren song. When they do this, their Entrancing spell will be stronger.

Level Ten

Drown- At the peak of their powers, mermaids can forcibly drown humans!

They will also be immune to becoming Moonstruck and they will instead be able to channel Lunar Energy on their own.

~Additional Features~

Sea Monsters- Mermaids are not the only aquatic beings that exist. Much more horrifying, gruesome creatures dwell in the deep... But these sea monsters are actually merpeople that have been cursed by the moon! If a mermaid does something to displease the moon, there is a chance they will be transformed into a horrifying beast that looks like it came straight from the black lagoon! But don't fret! You can learn how this curse can be lifted if you keep studying Mermaid Mythology.

The sea monster mesh is a recolor of the Get Famous lagoon monster costume. The body is 5528 polys, and the head is 2308, available for teen-elder.

Becoming Human- If a mermaid wishes to be turned into a human, they must first plead to the moon to grant their wish. If the request is granted, they must refrain from using any mermaid powers or going into the water for one lunar cycle (3 days). If successful, the moon will allow your sim to become human! But only if it is present for the transformation...

-Be Romantic

Trait Buffs:
-"Amazed by the Human World". Always active. Inspired +1.
-"Aging Rapidly". Applied when Vitality is too low. Uncomfortable +1.
-"Aquatic Laryngitis". Occasionally applied when a mermaid's Vitality is below 30%. Prevents Siren Song. Uncomfortable +3. 12hrs.
-"Dying". Applied right before a mermaid dies of old age. Uncomfortable. +50.
-"Feeling Fishy". Applied when a mermaid is swimming in swimwear. Increases the Vitality motive and gives a sim gills. Happy +1.
-"Feeling Slimy". Applied when a sea monster is swimming. Increases Vitality motive. Fine +1.
-"Lunar Energy". Replaces Moonstruck moodlet when multiple mermaids are near each other. Focused +1000. 6 hrs.
-"Moonstruck". Occasionally applied to mermaids who are outside at night. Dazed +10. 6hrs.
-"Siren Song". Applied to mermaids when they sing. Confident +5.
-"Wow! A Mermaid!". Applied to human that see a mermaid in swimwear. Energized +1.


Commodity Changes:
-Singing skill gain x10
-No Bladder or Hygiene decay
-Added Vitality Need

Also, I decided to include a conversion of my mermaid tops from TS3 with extra variations, using a clone of a basegame bikini (3172 polys). It's available for females aged Teen-Elder.

*IMPORTANT* - Just like the original mod, there is no mermaid tail included. It is important to me that you are able to fully customize what your sims look like, so my mod simply treats the swimwear outfit like a "Mermaid Form". Upon becoming a mermaid, your sim will be automatically sent into CAS in their swimwear so you can immediately create their mermaid form. I HIGHLY recommend downloading any of the tails by MermanSimmer or if you want the tail I used in the screenshots, it is one created by AleNik .

Compatibility- This uses the same resources used by my original mermaid trait, so they can NOT BE USED TOGETHER. It does not alter any existing game resources and should be compatible with most tuning mods. As for Triplis' Sorcerer trait and Nyx's Mermaid trait, they can absolutely be used at the same time, but those occults cannot use the moonpool and cannot become mermaids because of the special needs they all have.

This mod uses effects and animations from several packs and it is HIGHLY recommended that you have these installed. It's possible the mod will work perfectly fine without some of them, but better safe than sorry!

Known Bugs: -The "Kiss of True Love" interaction does not put sims in the correct position and they will likely stand far apart and the animation will stretch. This can be prevented if you do a touching interaction like hugging or kissing right before doing the "Kiss of True Love".

-Sometimes the moonpool will recognize floor tiles as being "indoors", so if you're having trouble using it, try placing the moonpool on painted terrain.

Future Plans:

As I said, I plan to improve and add to the lifestate, like adding more spells and incorporating different aspects of mermaid mythology. I'd even like to possibly create another lifestate using the sea monster outfit that is similar to a werewolf!

Additional Credits:
MermanSimmer and Alenik for their amazing mermaid CC

S4PE for their incredible program

Sims4Studio for their VERY useful tools for mod creation