New Emotional Traits

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2019 at 2:31 AM
Updated: 1st Dec 2021 at 5:41 PM - Updated translation
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Updated for version 1.82 / Modern Menswear Patch

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Recent Updates

Update 12/1/21
  • Updated the German translation for Egghead to fix typos and odd phrasing

Update 7/1/21
  • Oblivious Sims are now slightly more confused while their Dazed buffs are active.
  • Updated German translation by LittleDog1002

Update 6/17/21
  • Reworked how a few of the broadcasters work:
    • Arrogant Sims who are Feeling Bold will only offend people when they are actually talking. Occasionally, this will result in a Hurt sentiment. The higher strength their Confident moodlet is, the higher the chance. There is also a chance, they will offend everyone in the room and not just their conversation partners.
    • Egghead Sims who are Feeling Sharp will only bore people who they are talking to. The higher strength their Focused moodlet is, the higher the chance. Geeks, Geniuses, Good Sims, and other Eggheads are immune to this effect, and have a small chance to get an Impressed sentiment instead.
    • Restless Sims who are Having a Ball will only make others Playful when engaging in a fun activity themselves, or if they are talking directly to them. This sometimes results in a Close sentiment. Sims in a Sad mood, Sims with the Gloomy or Evil trait, and famous Sims with the Serious Actor quirk are all immune to this effect.
    • Perky Sims have been unchanged and will still freak out everyone in the room regardless of what they are doing.
  • Added Danish translations from Julesthedane.

Update 5/27/21
  • Updated for compatibility with the new patch
  • Added Build Buy preferences to the following traits:
    • Arrogant Sims prefer their homes to have mirrors
    • Calm and Stoic Sims like to have meditation stools
    • Daydreamers like easels and musical instruments
    • Eggheads want computers and bookcases in their homes
    • Perky Sims like homes full of flowers and art
    • Restless Sims want stereos and video games to keep their fun up

This trait pack adds a set of nine new emotional traits which fill out the roster with traits associated with moods like Embarrassed and extreme versions of the old traits with some drawbacks. All of them are available for children and older, and add boosts to Character Values from Parenthood. No custom whim sets were added to these traits.

This is my first mod ever, so any bug reports and gameplay feedback are more than welcome!

- Calm
Occasionally boosts the Fine emotion, removing much of the risk and reward of changing emotions.

- Insecure
Occasionally boosts the Embarrassed emotion, and causes stress around new people and when doing public performances. Making friends can be difficult but very rewarding for these Sims!

- Oblivious
Occasionally boosts the Dazed emotion, and has trouble gaining skills.

- Restless
Occasionally boosts the Bored emotion, and requires more fun than other Sims. Can be the life of the party if they get going, though.

- Stoic
Extreme version of Calm, perpetual bonus to Fine unless something causes them to experience a negative emotion.

- Arrogant
Extreme version of Self-Assured, very Confident but may rub other Sims the wrong way. These Sims also get a small bonus to the Business, Politics, and Criminal careers.

- Daydreamer
Extreme version of Creative, very Inspired but may have trouble concentrating. Once they’ve organized their mind, they have powerful boosts to Creative skills.

- Perky
Extreme version of Cheerful, very Happy but can creep out most other Sims.

- Egghead
Extreme version of Genius, very Focused but have a one-track mind. If you strike while the iron is hot, they can earn powerful boosts to Mental skills.

Portuguese (thank you, ManyWhiTe!)
French (thank you, Candyman!)
Russian (thank you, chibichibigames!)
Chinese (thank you, 000263!)
Italian (thank you, Robertas92!)
Spanish (thank you, tyttamarzh!)
-Alternate translation available here (thank you, Team Onnya!)
German (thank you, crispdinonuggies, LittleDog1002, and NC4T!)
Polish (thank you, lolikola!)
Czech (thank you, Elenha!)
Danish (thank you, Julesthedane!)
Other translations are welcome

Add the NewEmotionalTraits package file to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder or a subfolder in that directory. Then add as many of the trait package files as you desire to the same folder.

As far as gameplay is concerned, only the base game should be required. Cosmetically, several moodlets use icons from expansion and game packs, and missing these packs may cause moodlets to appear blank. If you encounter a grey llama icon, please report where you saw it and which packs you are missing.

CC Depicted
Andrew's Pose Player and KawaiiStacie's Slice of Life mod were used to create the banner.

The Merged version of this mod uses the following XMLs to establish proper trait conflicts in CAS:

Additional Credits:
Zerbu for creating the Mod Constructor V4
Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Sresla for walking me through my first trait and consistently helping me navigate the MC4 software
Flerb for helping me learn how to edit code in S4S
Basemental, Roburky, and Triplis for helping me fine-tune the features of my custom moodlets
LittleMsSam and Bushygamer for their help with troubleshooting
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for being supportive and helpful throughout the whole process