FreeTime Tank Pattern Skirt, with Real Feet *Added DR version 3/27/19*

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2019 at 11:32 PM
Updated: 27th Mar 2019 at 10:24 PM - Added DR version.
I just added a Default Replacement version. Please make sure that you have Free Time EP, and that you do not have any other DR that replaces cfBodyTankPatternSkirt.

So today I am bringing back a project that was dormant for 2 years.
Since I am using Bloom's Sexy Feet in my game, it made sense to me, that this Free Time outfit needed real sandals..over real feet, and it was possible.

Only the feet part of this mesh has been edited.
Bloom's Sexy Feet's child feet mesh was used, after some editing by me.
I built the sandal mesh using the original texture as a guide, then added it to the edited feet mesh.

This is not a Default Replacement for the cfbodytankpatternskirt that comes with Free Time Expansion Pack
however, Free Time EP is required for this to show up in your game.

If you have a Default Replacement for this outfit, you'll have to choose between keeping it, or installing this version.
It will not break anything if you decide to keep both, but because this outfit links to the Default FT one's textures...the result might be ugly.

  • You will find this Outfit in Everyday, just as the original.
  • This is for girls only.
  • Offers the same 4 Colours as the original.
  • Includes the fat morph, as well, just like the orig...
  • ToolTips added.
  • Compressorized/cleaned up using Wardrobe Wrangler.
  • Townified.
  • Strangely makes a sandal shoes sound.

CC hair used on the models...

Brown dress : Coolsims fhair81
Orange dress: Myos15 hair, curly recolor by Nymphy
Pink dress: Digi_Yuri-Newsea-J189+J172-FH-Primer_by-Esotheria
Purple dress: LeahLilith Soundwave

Polygon Counts:
body (feet & sandals): 2044
body : 1376

Additional Credits:
BlooM, SimPE, MilkShape 3D, PaintShop Pro, The game!, MTS, and melb623 who just reminded me..I had to upload it!