Bigger display shelves with extra slots

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2019 at 4:50 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2019 at 4:50 PM by Simmiller
Bigger display shelves

The display shelves from the base game are very usefull to fill the wall and windows of your shops with goods to sell.
But sometimes you need more space to display bigger objects.

So I've made bigger versions of some of the display shelves from the basegame.
And added lots of slots.
Be carefull placing bigger objects on shelves that has sides.

They have the same textures and polycount as the EA originals.
You can find them in Surfaces-Display and you do not need any expansion pack.

For my old fashioned shops I needed more space to display bigger objects on the walls and windows. Like bread and cookies in my bakery.

So I've made a bigger version of Antique and Rustic display shelf from the basegame.
And added lots of small and medium slots.

TS4-Coc-Antiek Shelf2 8 swatches salesprice 250
TS4-Coc-Rustic Shelf2 8 swatches salesprice 180

For my other shops I wanted modern shelves to make a wall full of fabricbolts and sewing clutter, so made bigger versions of 3 more shelves.

For the Kinder shelf 2 bigger versions and I've added a white color

TS4-Coc-Kinder Shelf 2 6+1 swatches salesprice 50
TS4-Coc-Kinder Shelf 3 6+1 swatches salesprice 60
Objects may cut into the sides. When I made it I envisioned a vegetables and fruit store.

For the Mega shelf also 2 bigger versions and I've added a grey and darkgrey color.

TS4-Coc-MegaShelf2 3+2 swatches salesprice 125
TS4-Coc-Mega Shelf 3 3+2 swatches salesprice 145
Objects may cut into the holders on the sides. I just like that shape.

For the Virgin shelf 2 bigger versions and I've added a white, grey and darkblue color

TS4-Coc-VirginShelf2 7+3 swatches salesprice 45
TS4-Coc-VirginShelf3 7+3 swatches salesprice 50
These display shelves are used in my Sewing clutter upload.

For more slots to the small basegame display shelves (and more) take a look here:

My bigger shelves are seperate objects and will not interfere with that mod.

Special thanks to Orangemittens and the Sims4Studio team for all the delicious tutorials.

Polygon Counts:
TS4-Coc-Antiek Shelf2 polygon 218/196/177
TS4-Coc-Rustic Shelf2 polygon 302/288/278
TS4-Coc-Kinder Shelf 2 polygon 138/126/119
TS4-Coc-Kinder Shelf 3 polygon 138/126/119
TS4-Coc-MegaShelf2 polygon 134/118/105
TS4-Coc-Mega Shelf 3 polygon 134/118/105
TS4-Coc-VirginShelf2 polygon 30/30/30
TS4-Coc-VirginShelf3 polygon 30/30/30

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis for original meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4Studio,, Milkshape and Blender.