Hidden University-Life Podium *Revealed*

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2019 at 5:16 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2019 at 6:04 PM
Mod Info :
Developed and tested on game version 1.67
Requires University Life expansion pack in order for the animations to function.
Can be found in Buy Catalog by Function: Entertainment / Hobbies & skills
Price : 120 simoleons

Object Info :
Existing base game mesh, 3 recolorable Channels plus one extra CAST without the stencil preset.
Functions as normal podium. (Practice speech , Give Lecture , Announce Protest interactions available)

Mod Description:
Its a default replacement of the _Podium SoapBox_ that came with University Life expansion that enables it to
be available in Buy Mode and functional in Live Mode.

Basically what happen is that EA created a podium and then completely forgot about it!
It was never enabled to be found on the catalog , didn't have a description , price or even had a script string checked..
Even though it had THUMB , RIG ,RSLT and FTTP and all the good stuff..It was never completed.
I didn't even know that mesh existed until i stumbled on it by accident on S3OC conducting my secret experiments.
I even checked the official list of the objects that came with that expansion and this podium was never mentioned anywhere!!!
So one can even say its a *SPOOKY SECRET PODIUM*

This mod is a default replacement, which means you will need University for it to work. It modifies these files and may conflict with other mods that edit the following :
podiumSoapBox (OBJD 0x319E4F1D and OBJK 0x02DC343F)

Techical stuff :
Meaning what the heck i did to make it work properly.
  • Cloned with S3OC and DID NOT renumber it in order for the item to function as a Default Replacement and not a standalone item.
    (Therefore in quick search in the catalog use the University icon and not the custom content one.)
  • Enabled the script string in the OBJK Resource since it was disabled by default. ✔
  • Added the script class : Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.HobbiesSkills.Podium to enable the item to function as a podium.
  • Disabled the MovementFlags : HandToolCannotMoveIt , HandToolCannotDeleteIt , HandToolCannotDuplicateIt that were enabled by default. (EA WHY?)
  • Edited the English SBTL since it was also blank by default.
    Catalog Name : Soap-Box Podium!
    Catalog Description : I used the one the PodiumClassic had.
  • Set price at 120 simoleons , it was 0 by default.
  • Enabled the Room Categorie Flags : Study/Entertainment /Hobbies and skills, blank by default.
  • Added an extra CAST preset with Texture Tweaker in order to disable the stencil , what can I say I like choices.

Credits :
EA for the mesh.
Texture Tweaker by Igne

Polygon Counts:
334 poly