Sims Wash Hands Faster

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2019 at 2:53 PM
Updated: 19th Apr 2020 at 8:40 PM - MTS Required
Tested with patch 1.62.67. Works fine. No problems found.

This simple tuning mod changes the time it takes Sims to wash hands from the EA default of 3-5 seconds to 1-1.5 seconds. I assume the values represent real time seconds. They are not defined as such but I kept watching and timing the action as I was testing this and it usually took 5 full real time seconds, and once it was 8! Now I may have been experiencing game lag or something at that point, so I don't know for sure. All I know is that when I changed the values, they now complete the task in 1-2 seconds.

It drove me crazy that they took so long to complete this task so I went looking for a mod and couldn't find one other than one that completely disabled autonomous hand washing. So I created this one which satisfies my desire to allow them to still wash their hands and complete the task much faster. Those time differences don't sound like much, but believe me, it is when all you are doing for up to 5 (or more) full seconds is sit and watch them wash their hands. Now they complete this task faster and it looks realistic in game so that it appears they have accomplished the task sufficiently AND efficiently.

As a side note, the reason my Sim used in the screenshots looks pregnant is because he is... by aliens! He was abducted several days ago and now I am waiting for the birth!

This mod is compatible with the base game and has been thoroughly game tested with all the game content I own, which is everything except Luxury Party Stuff and Spooky Stuff. Therefore, it should be compatible with the Base Game and All Packs. I hope this will help you enjoy your game more. It has for me.

Tuning/Override Mod
This is a Tuning Mod that alters (or overrides) the values in the game default xml file listed below. The values I altered define the length of time it will take for the action to be completed. A couple define the likelihood they will autonomously wash their hands.
  • The EA default value 'Time Based' 'min time' was "3" and 'max time' was "5". I changed the 'min time' to "0.5" and 'max time' to "1".
I also altered a couple of statistic change values which determine the likelihood they will be motivated to autonomously wash their hands.
  • For 'statistic change' 'amount' 'motive_Hygiene' EA default was "4". I changed it to "1".
    For 'statistic change' 'amount' 'commodity_Motive_HygieneHands' EA default was "37.5". I changed it to "1".

NOTE: Just because this mode overrides EA's default values, that does not make it an override mod in the sense that it goes into a special override folder. It is a package mod which needs only to be placed in the same folder where you keep other .package mods.

This mod would very likely conflict with any other mods which also alter the same xml file listed below.

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