Crepes Trout & Jam - new meal in bowls

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2019 at 4:07 PM
Where I live in the spring it is customary to celebrate the holiday, which is called "Maslenitsa". This is a whole week when everything is fry crepes with different filling. I wanted to have time to cook a new menu for Sims, but I had a very festive week! And that's why I'm a little late
But maybe your Sims will want to feast on crepes with strawberry jam and juicy trout.

Common notes

1. All meals use custom bowls - attached in the archive in folder "Plate" - so make sure you downloaded and placed both serving and single bowls to your Downloads folder (or any subfolder) if you are downloading any meal.
2. All meals are created in Base Game and are compatible with any addons.
Due to Base Game compatibility, they don't have Call To Meal interaction.
Maybe you come in handy: with this hack , these meals will have Call To Meal interaction. However, the interaction is available only when you click on an empty spot of the plate.
3. Meal menus are currently available in English and Russian. If someone wants proper menus for other languages - please help me to translate meal names to your language.

Now, let's review each meal

Crepes Trout
- This is cloned from the Maxis' food Omlette
- Pancakes - is a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
- skill 1 is required
- Sims will chop the trout for decoration, and then fry crepes

Crepes Jam
- This is cloned from the Maxis' food Pancakes
- Pancakes - is a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
- skill 1 is required
- Sims will stir the batter in a bowl and then fry in a pan

Technical details

Foods, as usual, are animated by changing graphic; therefore, I'll give poly counts only for one of states, where they are highest (usually preparation state).

Crepes Trout
- Products for cooking - 1262
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 264
- Food without dishes (general) - 1028
Crepes Jam
- Products for cooking - 1132
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 234
- Food without dishes (general) - 324

Serving Platter Crepes Trout - 722
Serving Platter Crepes Jam - 1022
Plate Dinner Crepes - 236

Textures and images Credits:
I used elements from these photos to create textures
site - Crepes
1 Crepes Trout - 1 portion сrepes my texture, lemon ( - photo ), trout ( - photo )
2 Crepes Jam - 1 portion (, mint ( - photo ), Strawberry (, jam and sour my textures
3 Dishes - , - photo, - photo

Additional Credits:
To skankyboy, for the smd plugin,
The extremely helpful thread originally posted by Jasana_BugBreeder with tons of information about creating custom foods,
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressoriz