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Farm starter houses

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2019 at 2:59 PM
Updated: 18th Mar 2019 at 6:54 PM - Added stuff to accept the guidlines

  • I decided to rebuild my Christmas present Izbushka cause I discovered invisible decorations that was made its higher price. I totally repainted all finishes and complete it with another two lots based the same style. In comprison to Izbushka I posted in december this version has invisible decorations deleted, lot enlarged to 20x30 with fishing pond at the back, and puddle with ducks added on the bordered lot side.
  • Izbenka has 20x15 as base lot having a beehouse with honey harvesting ability and candle making station in entrance hall.
  • Izba use 20x30 lot size with Canning Station inside and big trees garden at the back yard (I haven`t enough fantasy so named another two Izbenka and Izba. The brother and sister houses of Izbushka)
  • Proudly say that my starters has yards! They are not big but they exists and hope enough for starters! I can`t find any good EA staters with nice yards!
  • Each house has just one double bed, fully furnished kitchen, sofa and bookcase. All they are for one or two sims engaged. No fire alarms. One inner bath and yard toilet per house.
  • All furnishings are pretty close to fixtures, houses has no dinning places and some rooms are empty (that was made to reduce this price as possible ). Your sims can sleep, eat and read books there at least. If you choose to use producing factories your sims will out fast of tight finances.
  • All game lot are different price, so each house has price close to 18k§. It let you place it on lots 1.5k§ or 2k§ price to match it starters.
  • Many of debug decoration don`t causing any access problems. All houses being playtested in 2 sims days.
  • All lots are complete to use all its features!*
  • Only two trees at the garden of Izba are apple trees. All others are NOT fruitable.
*When I say "all" it means: сanning station house has apple trees as a starter kit to canning process, candle making starter kit you can found in the closet at 2nd floor (don`t say you haven`t noticed!), and a house with chicken coop has a feed pocket on top this coop and its price will let you enough money to buy your first hen and chickens!

Have used some CC for this buildings I recommend you but they are optionally to install
General tips to place the lot
All lots are just needs a base game, but Icemunmun`s Canning Station needs OR to work. I used bb.moveobjects a lot so be sure to pick it on before place a lot. They supports basegame lot sizes and prices. You can place it at Winderburg or Brindleton Bay 20x20 lots with Izbushka's fishingpond and Izba's garden and frontyard being cropped if you need. 30x20 lots have entrance gate at lot angle and side house placing. It gives you advantage to place starters as 30x20 or 20x30 lot with facade-to-road orientation![/URL].

  • 18.03.19: Screenshots of outdoor WC sheds is added

I don`t upolad this lot to exchange. Also don`t do it and don`t claim as your own please! Thanks for attention!
Vic ^_^

Izbushka starter house

Lot Type: Residential farm
Lot Features: 1 level, one double bed, fully furnished kitchen, WC, sofa, Tv and bookcase

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price (furnished): 17.827
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Izbenka starter house

Lot Type: Residential farm
Lot Features: 2 levels, one double bed, WC, fully furnished kitchen, sofa, dresser and bookcase

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 17.999
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Izba starter house

Lot Type: Residential farm
Lot Features: 2 levels, one double bed, WC, fully furnished kitchen, sofa, dresser and bookcase

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 17.997
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Additional Credits:
Icemunmun fer all her lovely custom creations I used for this buildings.
MyCollages.ru was used for photo collage