Braids with Rings - 58 Recolours - Get Famous Required

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2019 at 8:24 PM
Hello Everyone!

Braids with Rings - 58 Recolours - Get Famous Required

This one took me a while to get to where I was satisfied, and I do hope you like them

58 new colours, each with silver or gold rings (so technically 116 recolours). There are a mix of solid colours, chunky, and rainbows to choose from.

You can download ALL colours at once, or I have separated them into 3 different sets: Main (35), Blacks and Grays (8), and Rainbows (15). They are also available in Allows Random (AR) and No Random (NR) versions. No Random means only the sims you put the hair on will have it in game, Allows Random means the game will arbitrarily assign these hair colours to NPC's as well.

Please see the screenshots below for images of the colours:

This image shows how the all-inclusive set looks in CAS:

These are available for females aged teen to elder only, by clicking on Hair in CAS

Please enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC