Back To Nature Playset (10 Year Anniversary)

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2019 at 12:03 AM
Updated: 29th Mar 2019 at 8:12 PM
Hi! Long time no see.
10 years ago I uploaded my first ever custom content, it was a set of Sesame street themed clothing for kids back on the 28th of March 2009 (it can be found here ). Keeping to the kids' theme I figured why not celebrate this 10 year anniversary with something my sims might like (and that I really wanted) - a new playground set!

This set comes with three new meshes. The monkey bars and swing set are slaved to the tower (which is the master file), meaning less hassle if anyone wishes to make recolors. I've tried to keep the overlay of my meshes as close to those of the originals as I could to minimize any wonky looking animations. The Apartment Life EP is required for these objects to work, they can be found under Hobbies - Recreation. There are two colors - one original with blue ropes and handles on the climbing wall, as well as a brown recolor with green ropes and handles on the climbing wall. I hope you will enjoy this set
The polycount on the tower mesh is pretty high, but I figured that if your game can handle a 10k+ hair, it should be able to handle a 10k+ object

Polygon Counts:
Back to Nature Monkey Bars - 3252
Back to Nature Swing Set - 1238 without swing, 1626 with swing.
Back to Nature Tower - 10240

Thanks to:
Gayars - For offering help getting my SimPE to work.
Techheaddanie - For pointing me in the direction of how I could fix my SimPE to load all objects for cloning purposes.
iCad - For helping me trying to figure out why my objects didn't work properly. I thank you very much for lending me some of your time and help.
Honeywell - Thank you again for helping me with the monkey bars and teaching me very valuable knowledge in cc-making. Without you this set would only have been 33% of what it is now.
This wouldn't have been possible without you guys!