Petit Creek Starter (12.05.19 UPD)

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2019 at 10:28 PM
Updated: 12th May 2019 at 9:58 PM - Decades Challenge edit is added

  • Bedroom with two separated single beds
  • Cheap kitchen with fireplace (without fire alarm)
  • Sunroom with sofa and bookcase
  • Veranda with a pier
  • Tiny toilet room
  • Bathtub outdoors (that`s where private dwelling lot trait can help)
  • Pond fer fishing and catch frogs
  • Lighting outdoors just at entrance
  • Decorative fake creek
  • Fake second floor
  • Pee shrub (also fake)

NO CC WAS USED so feel free to use yours one
But... actually I used again some defaults by Blackgryffin)
General tips to place the lot
Even this house has just basegame furnishings, you can't place it at any basegame towns because they do not have 20x20 lots . 18k price is enough to place it at any 1.5k or 2k simoleons price lots. Don`t forget to turn bb.moveobjects on before place the lot.

  • 08.04.19: Replaced screenshots showcase by HQ
  • 12.05.19: New archive file "Petit Creek Starter 1890s edit" is added
    I've decided and made this fugly a part of Decades Challenge starters was discovered by me here at MTS. You need to have a home with special requirements to set up this challenge
    That's why all lights and indoor WC are removed from this edit and working pee shrub is added. Price of furnished house turned to 17.534§. Base game and Get Together are required for edit house. Thanks to iSandor for idea. His house can be found here.

Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Residential cabin
Lot Features: Private dwelling

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 18.000
Lot Price (unfurnished): 11.287

Additional Credits:
FakeHouses|RealAwesome for inspiration and MTS staff fer march challenge