Box Spring bed or Floor Mattress

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2019 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 15th Apr 2019 at 1:34 PM
Can't afford a regular bedframe? You broke or something? Maybe you just like the flexability it offers. Either way Enjoy your time closer to the floor!


With a fresh mesh and a few edits anyone can make their very own, Box Spring Bed!

OH?! You don't want to? Well lookie here! I've made one for ya!
You can easily find them both in your bed catalog, where they should be
If you need help finding just type "Box Mattress" in the item search bar in-game.
The double bed is: 125
The single bed is: 52
They're cheap like my soul
Mesh was made and edited by me.
It is base game compatible, because why not?

Polygon Counts:
Double Bed: [Poly] 814
This goes for all LOD.

Single Bed: [Poly] 431
Same goes for this one, same poly or all LOD.

Additional Credits:
Blender 2.76
Sims 4 Studio (Wishes)