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[UPDATED] H&B Portal 3.0 - Expensive Refrigerator

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2019 at 6:12 PM
Updated: 19th Jul 2019 at 2:09 PM
Check this fridge out on ArtStation: HERE

UPDATES LIST (dd/mm/yy):
24 / 03 / 2019: updated packages littledica.portal3.plus and littledica.portal3.merged: the medium level of detail of the plus version (LOD1) had incorrect bone assigning and it is now fixed;

General Information:
  • Texture size: 1024 x 2048;
  • Texture types: Diffuse, specular, normal;
  • EA Fit name: H&B Portal 3.0 - Fridge
  • Counter Fit name: H&B Portal 3.0 Plus - Fridge
  • EA Fit price: § 30.000
  • Counter Fit Price: § 35.000

Tuning Information
This fridge does have a custom tuning, making all the possible upgrades already available at the moment you buy it. It is also compatible with the custom food interactions mod as of the update following version 31st March, 2019.

You can check out the Thumbnail style of this item in the pictures gallery image showing the different swatches for both sizes of the fridge.
You can grab the PSD of the texture i created for this fridge here: SimsFileShare

Polygon Counts:
LOD0: 1465
LOD1: 710
LOD2: 160

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio - Package Editing
Blender - Meshing
Photoshop - Texturing
http://nyloa.tumblr.com - Counter Fitting Fridge System